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Suisei no Gargantia








I was really upset when the screening of Suisei no Gargantia at Fanime did not include the new episode. It came out on Sunday and a lot of people left the room when they found out that we were only getting the first five episodes of the series. We had better things to do while we were there. Well, I had to wait until today to watch it and I can’t believe that I waited this long to see this crazy stuff.

Well, there is our first death outside of the space fight.

Well, there is our first death outside of the space fight.

We all knew that the Fleet Commander was going to die, but I did not like the way that they did it. The guy wakes up just long enough to tell Ridget that she is in charge and then he dies. That is not how things work and I am tired of that message in the last breath stuff. On that note, this entire episode was basically a good-bye. The funeral was looked in on for the entirety of the episode and it was handled in a very interesting way. People get to pour a handful of sand over the body and then the boat-coffin is set out to see. It looked like a Navy funeral to me and that was pretty nice. Flange is taking his ship and a bunch of people, but Gargantia will survive. Bellows and the rest are there to support the new Fleet Commander.

War will do that to someone.

War will do that to someone.

Even though Amy could not stop Red from leaving, we all knew that their relationship was already very strong. She cares deeply for him, but cannot comprehend his drive to fight. Red cares deeply for Amy, but he cannot give up on his mission. A classic story that is written pretty well in my opinion. What we should latch onto is the fact that Red is in a pretty crazy situation. It has been determined that it is basically impossible for him to go home. That has to be weighing on him right now. He has this new home that he wants to protect because it is all that he has left. Would you not do everything that is in your power to help the people who you care about?

That was a pretty interesting funeral.

That was a pretty interesting funeral.









Current Opinion of the Show:

I am really enjoying this series. I heard some criticism at Famine that the show doesn’t have enough going on. I say to those people who this doesn’t have to be a Michael Bay movie to have action. The war with the Hideauze, the shift in power for the fleet, pirate attacks, uncertainty everywhere, these are things that give us plenty of action in the story. Even my friend Dung that is an action junkie likes this series. Did you see that crazy harpoon that Red was building? The dude is getting ready for a big time fight at the nest of the whalesquids. The only problem is that I don’t think Red can handle a fight at the nest right now. Chamber is not very adept at fighting underwater and that is only a simple harpoon as far as I can tell. Also, the preview showed Red and Pinion having looks of fear in their eyes and I am guessing that they didn’t just look at Miki T’s postcard.

Those are some powerful words.

Those are some powerful words.

Count on Bellows to be your rock. What she said about the difference between “fine” and “perfect” is something that should apply to a lot of us. Even if things are going wrong, as long as nothing devastating has occurred, then we can move on and get ready for the next blow that life throws our way. I assume that the now separated fleet may see a reunion sooner rather than later for a few reasons. The first is the fact that the preview for the next episode looks really scary and they may need to either retreat or warn Gargantia. The second is the fact that we only have five episodes left and I doubt that the season, or possibly the series, will end without a reunion for Red and Amy. Well, I am really looking forward to this fight with the nest.

Red ain't playin' no games with these whalesquids.

Red ain’t playin’ no games with these whalesquids.

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