Impression – Hataraku Maou-sama!, Episode 10

hataraku maou-sama!








Did someone order a beach episode? Regardless of the answer, anime writers seem to think that it is necessary. There were even excuses made to throw one into Suisei no Gargantia. Anyone that is watching that can tell you that it did not need to happen. Well, it does actually make sense to have one in this series. Why? Well, If the demon lord can work at McDonald’s, then the hero can go to water world.

Everyone is scared of something.

Everyone is scared of something.

Apparaently, there is a water park in the area that needed Maou’s help. The summer rush is coming in and their MgRonald’s was going to be overrun with business. Chiho didn’t get to go with Maou, so she decided to take Emi to the park with her. Suzuno wasn’t far behind because her spying got her some interesting information. There is a new haunted house at the park which would give Maou and Ashiya the opportunity to harvest magic by feeding on fear. Urushihara and Ashiya seemed on board, but Maou looked a little uninterested. Maybe he has gotten too attached to our world. Well, some classic beach episode stuff happens. Emi is brought down by the fact that Chiho has enormous breasts, while the two of them are shocked by the getup that Suzuno threw on. They get food from Maou, but the demon lord fails to realize that Chiho wants him to comment on her swimsuit. That was to be expected. The girls end up taking in the attractions. The water rides, haunted house, and reptile sanctuary all provide varying levels on entertainment. A monkey from the circus gets out and frees the alligators. They could have been crocodiles, but who cares. Maou saves the day by using up the magic he gained from the fear in the air and that freaks out Suzuno. She is in the same position that Emi was during the earthquake because anyone would be surprised to see the demon lord saving people. I wonder how that will affect her fight.

That was very unexpected.

That was very unexpected.

I know it is tough to see from the big picture, but that angel is the manager of SFC. The blue-haired creep decided to reveal himself to Suzuno. This could mean a lot of things moving forward. The preview shows the two talking to each other, but Suzuno’s face isn’t as serious as it once was. As far as angel reveals go, this was not the one that I was expecting. I am still waiting on the explanations for the attack on Emi and Miki T’s knowledge regarding Ente Isla. I wonder if things are going to start to come together.

I would love water parks if I didn't get sunburn so easily.

I would love water parks if I didn’t get sunburn so easily.









Current Opinion of the Show:

I am really excited about what is about to come. This episode was alright in my opinion. I am not the biggest fan of beach episodes and I only enjoy them if there s good development for a romance that I support. We didn’t get that, so it was alright. I also didn’t find it as funny what I am used to. Comedy can be very subjective, but I think that the gags were far too predictable this time around. I never got that moment where I was in a state of confusion that could only be quelled by laughter. That is why my excitement is far-sighted. The next episode promises to further the actual story in this series. Suzuno is meeting up with an angel to possibly take Maou down. I am not the biggest fan of the SFC manager being an angel, but that is slightly biased. I am a Lutheran and I hate the way that religious figures are portrayed in anime. I love Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, but the nuns in that series really bother me. If they were regular characters, then it would be fine. From an unbiased standpoint, this development explains why the guy got so many lines leading up to this. It also shows a possible motive for taking Maou down through fast food competition. The angels want Maou gone, but is Suzuno in the right state of mind to help them?

It always happens.

It always happens.

Anyone that reads my articles can tell you that I am not the biggest fan of fan service. I don’t see the point in scenes where they show girls in sexual situations or they decide to show off breasts that shouldn’t exist. I guess that I am not the kind of person that gets turned on by drawings. Having said that, the first Chiho fan service scene was done pretty well in my opinion. It was comedic and it didn’t last very long. It was what followed that I didn’t like. I felt like her connection to the monkey was unnecessary. The fact that the monkey was named Sadao was interesting, but I didn’t find it all that funny. I would have preferred to see Emi’s face as she made the comments because I think that would have enhanced the scene. Overall, this was a beach episode and the important stuff happened happened after the fact. I am really looking forward to seeing what Suzuno and her new accomplice are going to do.

Watching the demon lord using his magic is not a fun sight.

Watching the demon lord using his magic is not a fun sight.

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