News – New Idol Anime ‘Wake Up, Girls!’ Announced

So I’ve seen my fair share of students performing for the sake of saving something dear to them, like Tari Tari or Love Live! (where they saved their schools), but for some reason this announcement still got me really excited. Maybe it was the high-quality visual art that was released or the fact the anime is set in the Tohoku region which was heavily hit by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, but I feel like Wake Up, Girls! has the potential to be something really great.

The concept of school idols typically has a lavish and idealistic nature about it, but because this series is set in a specific part of Japan (as opposed to some Tokyo lookalike or ambiguous small town), a feeling of realism is added. I wonder if the plot will involve bringing back business to an area that’s being rebuilt after the tsunami…

Real life talent agencies are auditioning girls for the roles of the main characters, as well as to sing the show’s opening song. Yutaka Yamamoto, director of both Kannagi and Fractale, is directing Wake Up, Girls!. I really enjoyed both Kannagi and Fractale, and they both interestingly had some unique cinematography (especially those George Lucas transitions in Kannagi). I don’t know what it is about school idols, but I don’t feel sick of it yet. I guess The iDOLM@STER spoiled me.

Check out the website here:


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