Impression – Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, Episode 11

dansai bunri no crime edge










Have you noticed that this anime has started to feel different now that they decided to actually have fights? Well, that style has stayed strong and some pretty crazy developments were made in this particular episode. Luckily, none of those developments involved loli fan service. Let’s get to it.

That explains a lot.

That explains a lot.

Not a lot is known about the made-to-order authors. We know that they are chosen because of their high aptitude for the weapons and that only three people have survived the trials and become authors. Also, because they are given killing goods and they are not descendants of killers, the made-to-order authors do not have the urge to kill. That is why Emily doesn’t need an instead. However, she does have a reason to kill Iwai. Iwai’s father was involved with Gossip when he was alive. He found Emily and gave her everything that she has now. Clothes, her killing good, and even a name. We got our sob story when we found out that she was born in the slums and she lived her life as a starving thief. Her love for her savior is what drives her to kill Iwai. Emily plans to bring Iwai’s father back to life with the wish and live her life with him and her two dogs. I actually feel bad for her. Oh yeah, her killing good’s ability is pretty crazy. When Emily inflicts a wound on someone, it does not heal.

We learned a lot about Kaname today.

We learned a lot about Yamane today.

Well, Kiri’s arms just won’t stop bleeding. He made the mistake of taking a bath and he is about to bleed out at school. Luckily, he has the same blood type as Yamane. She uses her killing good to give Kiri some of her blood in what is an oddly sexual scene. She then explains something about authors that is news to Kiri. The ancestor appears in your dreams and tells you to kill people. That intensifies the urge to kill and torments your thoughts. It also stunts the growth of emotions in authors. Kiri seems to be special because he does not experience these dreams. However, he does think that going through that will make him stronger. Kiri digs up some information on his ancestor and walks in on Iwai’s research. When he finds out about Iwai’s father, Kiri goes to his grave to find an odd sight.

I feel very fortunate to live in the United States.

I feel very fortunate to live in the United States.








Current Opinion of the Show:

I really enjoy what the writers are trying to do. Is it a little late for all of this? I think so. It is making the back-end of the series watchable, which I appreciate, but I will not want to watch a second season of this. What we are getting is what we should have been getting for a while now. Actual conflict with other authors, secrets about Gossip being revealed, and Kiri attempting to get stronger in a world that he was not ready to be a part of. These are all things that make up a murder game. I guess that memo was lost in the mail for a while. I do like what they are doing with Emily aside from her underwear shots. She is a strong character that is different from the other authors and she has a real motive to kill Iwai. I still want to know where this was when the first two-thirds of the series was happening.

This confused me.

This confused me.

Do you remember how this series makes things unnecessarily sexual? Well, it happened again. There was a very odd scene where Yamane was doing a blood transfusion for Kiri. Honestly, it didn’t bother me as much as the other ones. People had their clothes on, they got rid of the foggy breath, and I can honestly chalk up the blushing and breathing to the evil power of the syringe. So, did anything about this scene bother me? The fact that they censored the injection. That is what the ray of white is doing. Some people said that injections freak people out, but half of this series was basically hentai. I did not expect that of all things to be censored. While I’m still talking about it, I am upset that Yamane hasn’t played a bigger role in this series. I think she is a good character and I found it very funny when she tried to get into the bed with Kiri. I am actually looking forward to the fight in the next episode because it looks like Kiri is going to unleash some crazy powers.

You do kind of suck.

You do kind of suck.

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