Impression – Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S, Episode 11


Episode 11 – “Vending Machine”

I love how the episode title is simply “vending machine,” and it shows how iconic the goddamn thing has become for the series. As soon as I saw it last episode, I immediately knew that we had reached the point where Railgun meets Index. I think it’s pretty neat how they’re showing the events from the main series from a different perspective, and this episode shows them intersecting. Those who have seen the main series will all the references, but the story is still strong stand by itself.

Touma makes his first appearance this season this week, though I get the feeling that we won’t be seeing Index anytime soon. It’s a shame because I actually came to like Index a lot as a character, much more than I thought I would. I also wanted to see Misaka Imouto zap the fleas off of Sphinx again! That reminds me that I still need to finish the second season of Index…


We learn this week that the experiments are continuing, but Misaka Imouto is still her usual weird self. I like thatĀ Railgun S gave the clones pupils because they not only look better in my opinion, but it gives them a more human side that they lacked inĀ Index. But it’s also revolting to watch Accelerator chew on Misaka Imouto’s finger. At this point, Misaka feels so guilty for the experiments that she’s willing to go to even more extreme measures to stop them, especially since the experiments have 183 different facilities at their disposal. This revelation, compounded with the fact that the city’s surveillance hasn’t brought attention to Accelerator’s murders, shows that Academy City is knowingly permitting the experiments. It’s literally Misaka versus the world.

Since targeting the labs are out of the question now, Misaka intends to go a step higher (almost quite literally). By that I mean Tree Diagram, the supercomputer responsible for generating the scenario of the Level 6 Shift Project to boost Accelerator. As you may remember from Index, Index actually plays an unexpectedly important role in this equation. Maybe we’ll see her next episode after all?


I also want to know where Nunotaba went and what her connection is with the crazy Dr. Amai. They have the same hair so they must be related some how! I’m curious to see how Railgun S will cover the rest of the Sisters Arc. I mean, most of us have seen it play out in Index, so it’ll be interesting to see what new perspectives are to be had in this rendition of the story.



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