News – Xbox One Becomes the Xbox 180 and Other Xbox Related News

"Did I forget to mention something?"

“Did I forget to mention something?”

This is a face that the world has grown to hate since the initial reveal of the Xbox One. Well, Microsoft did something to answer all of that hate. I was shocked to see that the Xbox One was no longer available for pre-order at GameStop a few days ago. It turns out that the release of the Xbox One will be delayed in order to remove the DRM from the systems. What does that mean? Well, it means that used games will no longer be blocked and that you will no longer have to log onto the internet every twenty-four hours in order to play games on your system. Regardless of how you feel about Microsoft, you have to recognize that this was the only move that they could make at this point. Backlash was so strong that anything short of this could have destroyed Microsoft’s gaming division. This is a company that is doing poorly in most divisions, so losing this battle could have been disastrous. Will this news lead to more sales. Of course it will, but I think that the bad taste left in the mouths of fans will keep the system in third place for quite some time. The scary thing is the possibility of a price increase due to the labor costs of handling the DRM situation. Even if we don’t get the financial backlash, Microsoft will. This is looking very bad for the company in this economy.

That is sad.

That is sad.

I had a video saved that showed our favorite asshole from the featured image telling people to buy the Xbox 360 if they did not have access to the internet. Oh well, the company was going to cover its ass. If there is anything positive about the Xbox One, it is the fact that there are promised games. This chart is provided by GenGame and it shows what you can expect to play on your Xbox One.

Game Title Developer Release Exclusive?
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Ubisoft Montreal TBA Launch No
Battlefield 4 DICE TBA Launch No
Below Capybara TBA ?
Call of Duty: Ghosts Infinity Ward Launch No
The Crew Ubisoft Reflections TBA No
Crimson Dragon Grounding TBA Yes
D4 Swery TBA Yes
Dead Rising 3 Capcom Holiday 2013 Yes
Destiny Bungie TBA 2014 No
The Division Massive TBA No
Dragon Age Inquisition BioWare Fall 2014 No
Dying Light Techland TBA No
The Elder Scrolls Online ZeniMax Spring 2014 No
Fantasia: Music Evolved Harmonix TBA Also on Xbox 360
FIFA Soccer 14 EA Sports Fall 2013 No
Forza Motorsport 5 Turn 10 TBA Launch Yes
Halo 343 Industries 2014 Yes
Just Dance 2014 Ubisoft 2014 No
Killer Instinct Double Helix TBA Yes
Kinect Sports Rivals Rare TBA Yes
LocoCycle Twisted Pixel Launch Also on Xbox 360
Madden 25 EA Sports Fall 2013 No
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Kojima Productions TBA No
Minecraft 4J Studios TBA Also on Xbox 360 and PC
Mirror’s Edge 2 DICE TBA No
NBA 2K14 EA Sports Fall 2013 No
NBA Live 14 EA Tiburon TBA 2013 No
Need for Speed: Rivals Ghost November 2013 No
Peggle 2 PopCap TBA ?
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare PopCap TBA Also on Xbox 360
Project Spark Microsoft Studios TBA Also on Windows 8
Quantum Break Remedy Entertainment TBA Yes
Rabbids Invasion Ubisoft TBA Yes
Ryse Crytek TBA Launch Yes
Skylanders Swap Force Vicarious Visions Fall 2013 No
Star Wars Battlefront EA TBA No
Sunset Overdrive Insomniac Games TBA Yes
Thief Eidos Montreal 2014 No
Titanfall Respawn Entertainment Spring 2014 Yes
Trials Fusion Ubisoft TBA No
Watch_Dogs Ubisoft Holiday 2013 No
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt CD Projekt Red 2014 No
Wolfenstein: The New Order MachineGames TBA No
Zoo Tycoon Blue Fang TBA Also on Xbox 360
Zumba Fitness World Party Majesco TBA No

There are only a handful of launch titles, but every system seems to be struggling with that. I remember the days when systems and games came out at launch together. I won’t have a need to buy this system until Halo and a few other things come out because I have a 3DS and Wii U to occupy me. Oh, and my mom is buying a PS4. Overall, this move helps Microsoft, although no one should be happy in that meeting room. I refuse to give Microsoft any credit for this move because they were clearly backed into a wall. This was not a move to give fans what they want. This was a do or die move that forced the executives to swallow their pride in order to stave off extinction in the gaming industry. I just hope that the Kinect isn’t the thing that will further cripple the Xbox One because there are still questions surrounding that thing.

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