Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi – Master Post

featuredKamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi (Madhouse Studios) – Genre: Fantasy, Mystery

God forsook the world. When he left, people could no longer die. However, that is not a good thing. People would still age and death would not come no matter how rotten one’s flesh became. God provided the Earth with one last miracle. Grave keepers were given the power to put people to rest. One day, a young grave keeper returns to her village to find everyone in need of burying because of the actions of a mysterious man. It seems terrible, but this world is quite deceitful.

Episode Impression:

Ep. 01 – “The Valley of Death I”

Ep. 02 – “The Valley of Death II”

Ep. 03 – “The Valley of Death III”

Ep. 04 – “Ortus I”

Ep. 05 – “Ortus II”

Ep. 06 – “Ortus III”

Ep. 07 – “Gola Academy I”

Ep. 08 – “Gola Academy II”

Ep. 09 – “The Birthplace of Gravekeepers”

Ep. 10 – “Class 3-4 I”

Ep. 11 – “Class 3-4 II”

Ep. 12 – “Class 3-4 III”

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