News – Three Nisekoi Voice Actors Revealed, 7/10/13

I am really excited now.

Things are starting to come together.

Well, we have gotten to the step that will help us truly latch onto our favorite characters. That is right, the voice actors are getting announced. Even though it is only the first three, we know who will be voicing Raku, Chitoge, and Onodera. They are pretty important.

Raku Ichijou – Kouki Uchimaya

Kouki has voiced characters such as Ichika from Infinite Stratos, Yuuta from Kimi to Boku., and Natsuki from Tsuritama. I am not the biggest fan of this choice, but I am not really sure who I would want playing the role. Maybe I just don’t like Ichika and I am not being fair to the voice actor. Oh well, it isn’t a horrible choice in my opinion and I should be fine with it.

Chitoge Kirisaki – Nao Touyama

Nao has voiced characters such as Chiho from Hataraku Maou-sama! and Kanon from Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai. I can get on board with this one. I know that Bryan is pretty happy with this choice because he is a big fan of Kanon and I think that Kanon’s voice will fit to an extent. I wonder how much Nao will change it up for the role. I like this one.

Kosaki Onodera – Kana Hanazawa

Here is the famous voice actress. This person needs no introduction, but I will do one anyways. Kana has voiced characters such as Kuroneko in Oreimo, Mayuri in Steins;Gate, and countless others. I am mixed on this choice for a very personal reason. I understand that Kana Hanazawa is very talented and that her voice fits Onodera. However, I do not like Onodera. She is my least favorite recurring female character in Nisekoi and I include Ruri when I say that. Overall, it is a great choice and I know that a lot of people are happy about this.

The other characters have yet to be announced, but that leaves things open for speculation. Bryan is a little upset that two voice actresses that he really likes were picked up and neither one is voicing Tsugumi. Having said that, I think they need someone who can pull off a deeper tone for that one. I don’t have anyone solid in mind for the role, so I will leave that one alone. Then, Bryan pulled out something that may have ruined me. He said that no matter what happens, he hears Satomi Arai when he thinks of Marika. You guys may not agree with me, but I now demand that she becomes the voice actress for Marika. Satomi has voiced characters such as Shirayosha from Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? Kuroko from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S. That is brilliant and I approve of her as the voice actress for my favorite character. Things are really starting to come together and I am excited to see one of my favorite manga series get animated. Also, I found something while reading an old chapter of Nisekoi that pretty much foreshadowed the series being taken on by SHAFT. Here is the panel in question:

The classic neck move.

The classic neck move.

That is proof enough for me. Why not tell me what you guys think about the voice actors?

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