News: The World God Only Knows x Hayate no Gotoku Joint Concert Announced

collabAs a lover of J-pop and a huge fan of both series, this event is a like a godsend. Unfortunately, I don’t live anywhere close to Japan. However, the release of music albums for this occasion is reason enough to be excited. Here’s the official website:

This collaboration features four characters total from both series. These include: Hinagiku Katsura (CV: Shizuka Itou) and Ruka Suirenji (Haurka Yamazaki) from Hayate no Gotoku, as well as Kanon Nakagawa (Nao Touyama) and Haqua du lot Herminium (CV: Saori Hayami) from The World God Only Knows. These are some of my favorite characters from both series, though we didn’t really get to see much of Ruka in Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You. I expect that we’ll see her character extrapolated more in the continuation of the spin-off this Spring.

Two duet CD’s have been set for release on February 13th. The first is titled Advance and features Hinagiku and Haqua, while the second CD is called Ringo Ribbon and will have Kanon and Ruka performing the songs. The two tsundere characters and the two idol characters are fittingly paired together, of course.

Finally, we have the main collaboration album is titled Honjitsu, Mankai Sakura-iro! and will have songs that will be perfomed at the actual concert (set to happen on April 20th). The album’s title is actually a combination of Hinagiku’s “Honjisu, Mankai Watashi Iro!” and Kanon’s “Sakura-iro Sotsugyou” and is expected to be released on April 10th.



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