Impression – Blood Lad, Episode 02

Blood Lad








Well, Maou is at it again. I will say this about Blood Lad. This is the kind of nonconventional  vampire that I have been waiting for. I honestly read the first Twilight book and I wish that I hadn’t. I only did it because I don’t like to blindly hate things. Enough of that, we should talk about a good vampire series.

Being a ghost kind of sucks.

Being a ghost kind of sucks.

Things progressed in expected ways, but not in a boring way. Staz and Fuyumi went to the human world in order to let Staz experience the human world. Don’t tell me that it was in order to help bring the girl back to life because it wasn’t. Everyone can still see Fuyumi so she is going to be that kind of ghost. Her dad was very angry with her, but Staz took care of that. He sprayed the guy with a bottle of something and was able to handle him from a mental standpoint. The explanation is that vampires control humans after they bite them due to the special properties of vampire saliva. Not a bad explanation. Staz takes his saliva and waters it down so that he can spray humans and control them. Staz proceeded to do this to everyone in Fuyumi’s life. I found this hilarious. Fuyumi had an issue with Staz basically replacing her with a fake Fuyumi in the memories of her loved ones, but Staz gave a good explanation for doing so. By doing this, Fuyumi can slip back into her regular life with ease once she regains her human body. Good job Staz. That is if she can last that long. Apparently, staying in the human world hurts demons so Fuyumi has to drink Staz’s blood in order to survive there. They pulled that off without being overly sexual. Oh yeah, and a new girl showed up with some good information. She is the owner of the gate and she knows of a book that could aid in bringing Fuyumi back to life. Time for an adventure.

Do guns work on ghosts?

Do guns work on ghosts?








Current Opinion of the Show:

I am really enjoying this series. I like the attention to different types of supernatural things. Werewolves, vampires, and ogres to name a few. The hilarious way that they are depicted has given me a nice comedy to watch during the week. Staz is a great character with his otaku lifestyle and interesting abilities. I am excited to see him fight in the next episode because he has to go after another territory leader. I am pretty convinced that this is going to be my new Hataraku Maou-sama! even though the laughs aren’t there yet. I can see this series paying quite a bit of attention to demon fighting and that is something that I like to see in a comedic setting. Vaughn tells me that the synopsis reminded him a bit of Disgaea. That is a great video game series for those of you that have not tried out the games and have some free time. You can get Disgaea 4 for twenty dollars at GameStop. I guess you could say that I am really into this kind of stuff.

I expected no less from a series like this.

I expected no less from a series like this.

The funny thing is that this new girl may have a crush on Staz. Bell wants to marry a strong man and I bet that she will see Staz fighting enough to be into him. There is that and the fact that Staz just admitted that Fuyumi is very special to him. He even stated that he might not want to let her go back to the human world. This series doesn’t need romance, but I usually appreciate it. I say usually because romance isn’t always written very well. However, I would love to see some in this series. I already have some good respect for the staff. The only issue that I have with the series so far is the attention to breasts, but that is almost unavoidable. It doesn’t kill me, but it is unnecessary and annoying in my eyes. Having said that, I wouldn’t watch half of the stuff that I do if I let unnecessary fan service stop me. I am really looking forward to this encounter with wolf and more from this series in general.

There is no way that he has the book.

There is no way that he has the book.



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