Impression – Blood Lad, Episode 03

Blood Lad








I am very happy that this series exists in this season. I need something like Blood Lad in my life. Stuff like Love Lab is nice and Free! is bring us both hot boys and sports, but Blood Lad is different. We get comedy and a bit of fantasy that I just love.

Even Staz has friends.

Even Staz has friends.

Staz had to track down the book in the western demon world territory. It seemed like things would be tough with a werewolf boss in the way, but this is a comedy. The two bosses are childhood friends that respect each other’s strength. Staz wanted to Wolf to use his authority to help search for the human resurrection book, but that is a big favor to ask. So, they decided to have a bit of a contest. If Staz wins, then Wolf must use his authority to help track down the book. On the other hand, if Wolf wins, then he will get Fuyumi. Obviously, Staz would not stand for that, but a bargaining chip had to be put up. People expected a battle, but bowling was the choice. Staz wanted to cheat and he claimed that a physical fight would favor Wolf. Things changed when Wolf wanted a boxing match and Staz was oddly calm about it. With the use of some crazy magic to aid with the fight, Staz kind kicks Wolf’s ass. If Wolf can obtain almost a forth of the demon world with his power, then Staz could be a king. That fight was way too one-sided. It turns out that Bell had the book all along and she wanted to test out Staz’s power. She has a crush on the guy and that makes me laugh. Unfortunately, the group can neither read the book nor decipher its code. Looks like we have more demons to meet.

The triangle forms.

The triangle forms.








Current Opinion of the Show:

This is a pretty nice anime. I am glad that we are getting a look at some offensive magic even though this is a comedic series. I don’t need a Dragonball Z fight, but some action never hurt anyone. Did you get that joke? I hope not because it was bad. I am interested to see who the author of the book is. Staz had this crazy look on his face when he saw the name and it must be a big deal for him to be scared. I doubt it is anyone strong because that wouldn’t really fit the style of the show. Staz is a pretty strong guy as it is. It is probably someone that he knows and wants to avoid. Possibly a family member or a girl who is attached to him even though he has no interest in her. Those are the possibilities that I could see happening. I would like to see the romantic interest one, but that is because I am biased. I really enjoy romantic stuff in a series like this one. On that note, I wonder if we will meet Staz’s family at all. I doubt that they are all dead or anything like that. He probably doesn’t like them very much since he isn’t a fan of being a vampire.

He almost did.

He almost did.

I never thought that I would watch Staz almost kill a man in this series. The intensity would be even better if we didn’t have things like broken models and school swimsuit wearing bunny girl ghosts in the episode. I would complain if I wanted the intensity. I have come to accept the fan service because it isn’t actually that bad. The proportions on the girls may be crazy, but we aren’t getting people thrown into sexual situations. I have seen much worse and this is tame compared to some of the other series that came out this season. Aside from the great comedy and cool powers, I definitely think that this series shines due to its characters. I really like all of the recurring characters and that will keep me watching regardless of possible slip ups that may occur along the way. Staz is my favorite character for some obvious reasons. I just wish that he wasn’t s easily defeated by Bell. Her powers are pretty annoying. Oh well, I am simply looking forward to more from this series.

Suck a suck nerd. (Inside joke)

Suck a suck nerd. (Inside joke)


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