Impression – Free!, Episode 04


Episode 04 – “Captive Butterfly!”

The trials and tribulations of the Iwatobi swim club continue as its members struggle to become competent. Well, three of them pretty good at least, but Rei is another matter entirely. Despite being the newest member and having no prior swimming experience, he’s confident that he has a firm grasp on the concepts. He even mentions Reynolds number, which is essentially the measure of inertia in water. Unfortunately for Rei, the swimming pool isn’t exactly a physics classroom, which is evident by him embarrassing himself again…and again…and again.


Rei deduces that the problem must be the speedo he borrowed from Nagisa. It has a penguin on the ass side, so I should have expected it to be from him. Also, I don’t think I would ever want to borrow swimwear from Nagisa. I’m not sure what it is, but I feel like I wouldn’t be able to trust it. Besides, speedos are kind of…awkward. Thus, the swim club goes on an excursion to model shop for new swimwear. After seeing Rei’s terrible taste in swimming trunks, I’m not surprised that he was okay with borrowing Nagisa’s speedo. I also find it funny that even Gou got tired of seeing the boys model (I didn’t though).

On the shopping trip, Haru accidentally runs into Rin, and they have a little heart to heart about the last race that they had. Rin thinks that because Haru isn’t serious about racing, the outcome of the race doesn’t really count to him. I can see where he’s coming from. Beating an opponent who isn’t trying or isn’t at their peak performance isn’t very satisfying at all. The whole spirit of competition involves pushing each other to your limits, after all. Maybe that’s why Haru doesn’t like competitive swimming, since so much of what you do is dictated by what your competitors are capable of.


After many failed attempts learning how to swim (don’t worry, he’s not a rock. He’s a submarine) and after talking to Haru for a bit, Rei decides to go with his heart and try the butterfly stroke on his own. I’m actually surprised this wasn’t his first pick when learning. Though, despite the name I personally think it might be the least graceful of the four strokes in the medley race. However, Rei magically discovers its the only thing he can do in the water without sinking. With that the Iwatobi swim club has a full medley team with Haru doing freestyle, Nagisa doing breaststroke, Makoto doing backstroke, and Rei doing butterfly.


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