Impression – Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? OVA, Episode 01









I was waiting on a second season for this series. I had no idea that they would be coming out with an OVA. Unfortunately, the subs aren’t that great right now, but they get the job done. Well, here is hopefully the start of more material from Mondaiji.

That seems unnecessary.

That seems unnecessary.

This was definitely an OVA. There really wasn’t much in this episode that was meant to further the story of the series. It was basically meant to give us fan service. Shirayosha invited the gang to a game that was being hosted in what was basically a hot spring area. The goal of the game was to unlock the source of water that fuels the hot springs. In order to do that, groups must clear various challenges and remove stone pegs from around a giant flame. Unfortunately, a good deal of the pegs were duds and picking up the wrong ones would result in a bad things happening to the people responsible for said peg removal. What happened to them? Well, things that forced sexual situations for the most part. Kurousagi kept getting covered in milk and Lilly and Asuka got a tentacle attack. You and Liticia got hit by natural gas, which was tame, but they did have to eat a lot of phallic foods like bananas and hot dogs. After a surprise dud in the end that dissolved the swimsuits that everyone was wearing, Izayoi had to save the day by solving the puzzle. The day was won and everyone got to enjoy the hot springs.

That is terrible stuff.

That is terrible stuff.








Current Opinion of the Show:

Nothing has really changed. This was an OVA that didn’t kill it for me, so I still enjoy this series. I did forget about how dark the world truly is in Mondaiji. Things started off with an encounter with some slave traders. Human trafficking is a ridiculously large industry in our world, so we all know how bad that is. This isn’t the first run in with such things and it probably won’t be the last. I would really like to see the series explore the darkness of the world a little more. We saw the slave trade thing with Leticia and we know about the corruption that comes with the demon lords, so I think that they could flesh it out even more. I enjoy this aspect of the series and I am pretty sure that the endgame could involve the No Names busting up the corrupt demon lord system that is in place. That is just a theory and I am usually wrong, so expect something completely different to happen.

These are little girls that should not be subjected to such things.

These are little girls that should not be subjected to such things.

I am tired of the tentacle rape stuff that goes down in anime. I have enough issues with the regular fan service and this stuff is just ridiculous. I am one of those people who is on board with the western crowd. “What the fuck Japan?” There is a phallic element to the whole thing, but this just makes me uncomfortable. There are levels of fan service and I stopped a few lines back. On the plus side, this OVA could signal that the series plans to continue in the near future. I think that it is fairly popular and it is an alternate world fight that I actually enjoy. I could not get into Dog Days and I felt like Zero no Tsukaima fell off after the first season. Those are two series that Mondaiji often gets compared to due to the nature of the plot. I would really like to see more from this series because I think they have only scratched the surface as far as the plot goes. Like I said, there is a lot of corruption in the world that they have yet to explore and the community has yet to get up and running. I just hope that we get more sooner rather than later.


I hope that he isn't a pedophile.

I hope that he isn’t a pedophile.

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