Impression – Mushibugyou, Episode 17









I just want to give everyone a quick word of warning. Although it may not affect you in the same way that it did me, there is a fucking terrifying scene in this episode. Fans of the show should be used to grotesque bugs, but this was uniquely disturbing in my opinion. Oh well, let’s get to it.

That is true.

All of Kishuu is after Jinbei and company, so they need to lay low. Unfortunately, Jinbei doesn’t really know how to do that. This instantly becomes an issue when Jinbei disregards Ooka’s warning and attempts to help an old woman. She was bait and a chase ensues. After busting up some bandits and saving two kids, Jinbei and company get captured by the villagers. Even though they could have probably escaped easily, it would have been very wrong to injure the innocent villagers. They are simply fighting for their lives. Things get a little more intense when two of the insect men show up and try to intimidate the villagers. They captured a young girl in the woods and threatened to eat her if they did not come out of their homes and search for the intruders with them. Luckily, Jinbei jumps in and starts fighting them. Things don’t go well, but he is up against two insect men. Ooka ends up helping and eventually gets caught up in Jinbei’s pace because it is impossible to do anything else. Protagonists rarely listen to others. We finally got to see Ooka do some fighting, but it obviously wasn’t much. Why is everyone stronger than Jinbei?

Reinforcements are on the way.

I was wondering how Jinbei and company planned on getting out of Kishuu alive. When no word was sent of the Mushibugyou’s arrival in Kishuu, Kotori became worried and he decided to send Mugai in for support. Hibachi wanted to go as well, but this was supposed to be a solo mission for Mugai. Luckily, or unfortunately for Kotori, word from a fellow ninja reached Hibachi in regards to the insect men invading Kishuu. That means the entire city patrol, except for Kotori, had to be sent in order to handle the situation. I guess Hibachi wasn’t the last girl to be trained in the ninja arts. What is fun about this new character? she obviously has a crush on Jinbei. That isn’t really big news, but it is funny news. Watch out for a possible struggle between three girls in this arc of the series.

That is fucking terrifying.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I enjoy where this is going. The covert part of the mission has pretty much been abandoned. I am not saying that Jinbei and company will be freely running around, but the action will not stop just yet. ¬†One thing that does bother me is the ease with which the insect men are being defeated. It seemed as though the insect men were going to be a fairly big deal in this series, but they are dropping like flies. No pun intended. If Jinbei and Ooka can take them out like this, then I assume that Mugai may be able to have his way with them. Honestly, when they don’t have annoying abilities like the Sasuke guy, these things are just not living up to the hype. Yukimura and his best soldiers may be a different story, but I am very underwhelmed at this point in time. I will say that the guy in the picture was pretty scary at times. Not because he was really strong, but because his face is fucking weird. I just hope that the reinforcements are actually necessary. I don’t need a Dragonball Z fight, but I do need something more than what we have been getting thus far.

That was fast.

Here is something that is fairly interesting. I never doubted that people linked to the members of the city patrol would eventually pop up, but this one was a little surprising. Hibachi’s grandfather said that the ninja arts were not meant for women, so I assumed that there wouldn’t be other female ninjas out there. Also, the rest of the village kind of stopped practicing the family trade. We may get some standard explanation for this, but I honestly think that they did this because Lolis are a standard piece in a lot of anime. Also, she has a crush on Jinbei and they may be starting a bit of a harem. In the preview for the next episode, we see Tenma blushing. I want to say that it could be because of Iori, but that would mean that the show is pairing up children for the sake of pairing up children. Regardless, I want to know why she was there and what her character will be moving forward.

There is still more to see from Ooka.


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