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Blood Lad








Well, I was right for once. The reason that Staz was scared of seeing the author of the book is because it was written by a relative. To be specific, it is his older brother. It looks like we will be learning more about Staz in this episode of Blood Lad.

That is interesting.

That is interesting.

So yeah, the guy that wrote the book is Staz’s older brother. Obviously, someone like Staz would not want to see his family and here is why. The guy lives in a place where only noble demons can make a home. Staz ran away from home because things got way too intense there. His brother was trying to kill him and eventually found a way to seal Staz’s power. I assume that Staz was ridiculously powerful to begin with before the sealing occurred because he is really powerful right now. Well, the guy has to suck it up because Wolf decided to show how cool he is by setting the gears in motion. Staz chose to leave home, but Wolf was abandoned. Werewolves are also of noble blood, but Wolf is a mix between a werewolf and an unknown demon and higher society will not accept mutts. Apparently, you can enter higher society by conquering all of the demon world. That explains why Wolf is taking over so many territories. You can’t just enter this place, so Bell has to take him there. Bel and Staz take a rest at Bell’s place where she was dresses pretty provocatively. She loves Staz and it is pretty obvious. After some sushi and beer, Staz gets captured by his little sister and sent to jail that he must escape by defeating some zombies. That is one messed up family. Oh yeah, and Fuyumi is disappearing again.

Frankenstein is in the house.

Frankenstein is in the house.








Current Opinion of the Show:

This series is getting really good. I expect big things from Staz because we all know that he will be able to get out of jail. He is the main character and there is such a thing as plot armor. The preview showed us that we will be seeing his older brother in the next episode and I want to see what is up with that. Once again, it pretty much is a given that Staz was born with powers that were far too deadly for his brother to allow for free use. I would like to see these powers. I would say that the brother would not want to help Staz with the resurrection, but the series is only going to be ten episodes long, so they may speed things up. I don’t know about a possible continuation, but the initial run is going to be short. That is sad because the last series that left me after ten episodes was Mondaiji and I definitely enjoyed that. Although, I do have a feeling that Blood Lad will not feel as unfinished as Mondaiji. I can’t possibly know that, but I am pretty satisfied with the pacing in the first four episodes.

Someone wants it bad.

Someone wants it bad.

I guess that Bell is taking the initiative pretty quickly. She is drawn to Staz because of his power and the secrets that surround it. I hope that she is in for a fight because the guy definitely has a thing for Fuyumi. Honestly, I prefer Bell in this situation. Fuyumi doesn’t have the greatest depth as far as characters go and I am just not a fan. There is just more going on with Bell and I think that I will enjoy her character more moving forward. Plus, Staz seems like the kind of guy that needs a strong woman to keep him in line. Fuyumi is too docile for that. When it comes to characters, Staz is definitely my favorite, but I am glad that we are seeing more of Wolf. The guy is pretty cool and this series was in danger of becoming duo centric. I hate it when a series does that, so this one is doing good things. I don’t think that I hate any of the characters yet, but Fuyumi needs to be something more than a busy damsel in distress. That seems like a waste in the main character department. Overall, this is one of my favorite series from this season and I think that people should definitely be watching it.

Staz is not respecting his sister's power.

Staz is not respecting his sister’s power.


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