News – Bioshock Infinite’s Upcoming DLC is Fanservice in Three Parts

BSIDLC-BaSE1-BurialAtSeaEpisode1For months, many have wondered what the DLC for Bioshock Infinite would be. By now, most gamers have already gone through Infinite’s jaw-dropping emotional rollercoaster of a story. Not one to let their fans down, Irrational has now come out with information regarding their upcoming DLC, and boy does it look like the wait was worth it.

Clash in the Clouds is the first DLC to be released, which should be out already at the time of this writing. Clash in the Clouds is comprised of four challenge maps and pits you against 15 waves of enemies. It’s essentially Bioshock’s version of Horde mode, with it’s own unique twists. Each map presents a different challenge for the player to complete as they fight through wave after wave of enemies. Leaderboards will also keep track of stats for each map so you can compete with others for the top ranks. Also included will be the Columbian Archaelogical Society, an in-game museum where you can look at concept art, 3D renders, making-of videos, as well as new Voxophones from Rosalind Letuce to further flesh out her backstory. That already seems like enough incentive to get me to unlock all this brand new behind-the-scenes content.

The last DLC will be Burial at Sea, a two-part standalone story featuring Booker and Elizabeth. This time, they’re put into pre-fall Rapture, on New Years Eve in 1958. This noir-styled story puts Booker in the role of a private investigator who gets involved with the mysterious Elizabeth. More Booker and Elizabeth is great, but the whole noir theme has me quivering with excitement. Additionally, players will for the first time be able to control Elizabeth. Her playing style is described as “survival horror”, with emphasis on setting traps and sneaking by rather than Booker’s brute force approach.

I’m already very intrigued with the DLC offerings for Bioshock Infinite. Knowing what the fans want, Irrational Games decided to forgo typical DLC fare like downloadable costumes or multiplayer maps by offering full and engaging new gameplay experiences. They really went all out with the add-on content, and I hope the payoff will be worth it. Clash in the Clouds is currently out now for PC, Xbox 360, and the PS3, while Burial at Sea is expected to be released at a later time. Those who purchased the Season Pass ($20) will have access to all the DLC when they are released, while everyone else can pay $5 for Clash in the Clouds and $15 for Burial at Sea.


4 responses to “News – Bioshock Infinite’s Upcoming DLC is Fanservice in Three Parts

  1. This all sounds lovely, but I would have liked a little more development on the main story. I felt like there was more room for character development, a little more clarification on the ending. It would have also been nice to see more of the Luteces and Songbird. Hopefully they’re saving all the best for a future DLC, since a $20 season pass still isn’t worth it when the total DLC only adds up to $20.

    • I actually feel pretty satisfied with how the main story concluded. The main focus was always about Booker and Elizabeth, and their character arcs were firmly resolved in the end.
      Same with the ending, it wraps up the main story while also leaving enough to the player’s imagination. I feel like any more clarification at this point would sour that.

      • Good point. I think I just wanted something a little more than alternate universes and challenge maps. At least “Burial at Sea” justifies being a DLC as it’s practically a new game, rather than something the production team could have given us with the original release.

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