Impression – Choujigen Game Neptune the Animation, Episode 04

Game Neptune







There are things that don’t make sense regardless of the setting. I won’t say that talking mice are out-of-place in this series, but that doesn’t mean I ca excuse everything. Trust me, training sequences rarely make sense in anime for a lot of reasons.

A lot of series use these same moments as well.

The goddesses are about as useless in this episode as the protesters would make you believe they always are. They spend the entire time caught in the anti-crystal field and we will have to wait at least one more episode in order to watch them getting set free. On the other hand, the reinforcements were not doing very well either. IF and Nepgear retreat after seeing the goddesses taken down. Luckily, the dynamic duo returned to strategize. The original defense strategy was to retreat and do nothing about this whole situation. I am not joking. Then, emotions got heavy because they are little anime girls, but things worked out in the end because they are little anime girls. Then, the sisters decide to train because learning how to transform will help them save their sisters. Let’s just say that more than a day was spent on this.

“Don’t mind us. We are just sitting around. Do you think that you could, if you find time in your busy schedule that is, GET YOUR STUPID ASSES OVER HERE AND SAVE US FROM DYING!!!” -Goddesses

The training accomplished next to nothing, but the power of wise words helped Nepgear pull out a clutch as the fight became grim. She transformed and shit is going down. Also, the goddesses are going to drown in black ooze that is coming from their bodies. That is a thing.

I kind of want more unique designs for the battle gear.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I am up and down on this series. For the most part, it has qualities that I am looking for in a series, but they are not appropriated to my liking. I like the parody factor of the series, but I am not seeing enough of it in recent episodes. I would like to have more moments that make me laugh. I won’t complain about the action because I am honestly not expecting much in that department. That just won’t be a big deal and I have come to terms with that. I don’t need fights to enjoy things. I think that the animation quality is good, but I don’t like the fact that they use it to show off very sexual scenes. How much longer will we be forced to see the goddesses trapped in cord bondage?  This is the kind of series that will ultimately disappoint me personally because I have an image in my mind of a series that uses the same concepts that this one does, but is written much differently. This is obviously nitpicking with personal bias, but this is my article and disagreeing with me is what the comments section is for.

Stupid training.

Training is obviously necessary for success in anything. Scientists do research, athletes go to the gym, and people like me overachieve by going to eight different gyms. A lot of series give us training, but there are always things that make it seem idiotic. Most shounen series give us little to no actual training time that puts the protagonist on the level of everyone that has been fighting for way longer than he has like in Bleach. Other series will allow for a training sequence to occur when there is technically no time for it like in Dragonball Z. Others will find a way to give the main characters the perfect conditions for training that never should have come together like in One Piece. Well, this training sequence sucked. How many days were the goddesses just hanging out and dying? If they were going to accomplish nothing and have Nepgear achieve her transformation by remembering that shit that Uni said, then they could have skipped it all for an inexplicable power up. I would have rather had that than the ridiculous training sequence that we got. Save a cop-out like that for when you don’t want to spend time on actual training.

I want to know what the deal with that ooze is.

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