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If you thought that the last episode was wild, then you better be ready for more of the same. A lot of stuff happens that isn’t even Red’s doing which almost took away from the emotional torment that the guy is facing. I guess you could say that there are two sides to this story and we should get down to covering both of them.

This image was requested by Duc.

This image was requested by Duc.

Well, Red came back from the Hideauze nest in a very emotional state. As he got out of the cockpit, he looked at the blood, flesh, and bone on Chamber. Flashbacks of the tapes and destruction that Red personally dealt began to flood his mind. As Red stumbled around, anyone could tell that he was not well. At the very least, someone would think that he was not physically alright. That is what happens when you choose to go with the shady person that only cares about revenge, money, and power. Bellows would have reached out to Red in this situation. Amy would have tried to talk the guy through this, but Red is starting to isolate himself again. That is a horrible idea when one is forced to question their entire life.”How can one fight for the sake of humanity when it means fighting against humans?” That is a pretty interesting question. Chamber ends up giving Red what I think to be a very interesting rebuttal. Basically, the Hideauze are an extreme life form. They have done away with their humanity in order to advance down the path of evolution. However, the Galactic alliance represents humanity itself. Humans advance intellectually and Chamber represents the peak of human growth. The Hideauze and the Galactic Alliance will never stop fighting because they have gone down fundamentally different paths. The fact that the Hideauze were once humans holds no consequence when you are questioning the war. Oh yeah, this was cut off because a group of ships started to approach Red and company. That group of ships housed what seemed like a cult and the mech that belonged to Red’s superior officer who was supposed to have died in the first episode of the series.

Pinion doesn't know what he is starting.

Pinion doesn’t know what he is starting.

The nest was the former base of the Evolvers. This means that the treasures Pinion is grabbing are going to be very advanced. A lot of these things happen to e weapons that were used back in the day that Pinion can apparently fix. I am really uncertain about the level of technology that is actively present on the Earth right now, but this is some old stuff. I should stop questioning a science-fiction series. Pinion is taking the fact that they have Red and these new weapons and making threats that should not be made. Pinion has warned all other vessels to stay away from them because they are in charge of the treasures at the whalesquid nest. Also, Pinion has threatened to sink other ships as he has begun to repair and utilize the weapons he is salvaging. Flange is against this because is will bring conflict and his original goal was to bring this technology to the world. Apparently, he is not a bad guy and Flange only wanted to help advance humanity as a whole. Unfortunately, he can’t really stop Pinion because many of the ship owners have begun to follow him. Word has gotten to Gargantia and many people are getting into the discussion about leaving again. On the flip side, Amy is even more out of it. The more intelligent members of Gargantia realize what a stupid idea this is, but it may not come back to bite Pinion in the ass until the next episode.

Things are good when you are on top.

Things are good when you are on top.









Current Opinion of the Show:

I am definitely enjoying where this series is going. Once the story began to pick up, it really picked up. Unfortunately, we may be reaching something critical in a few ways. Two of the three major events that I have in my mind are highly speculative, so let’s get to those first. The first is an issue regarding human nature. As the Evolvers began to obtain too much influence and power, war struck out. In real life, war occurs over much less than what I saw in those tapes. It is possible that the power and attitude that Pinion is gaining has the potential to strike up a major conflict in the series. Not only are they gathering weapons and openly threatening people, but they are assimilating more ships. A single group holding this much power is far too threatening to be left alone. No matter how nice the people of Gargantia are, there is corruption in this world and conflict is all but proven to be in human nature at this point. The next issue is the lightbugs. Chamber proved that they are a part of the exoskeleton of the Hideauze. The lightbugs are self-replicating and they are the things that conduct the photosynthesis for the whalesquid. I do not know whether or not the whalesquid have to be alive for the lightbugs to sustain themselves and that is where my theory starts. What if the whalesquid need to be alive in order for lightbugs to occasionally shed from their exoskeletons? Having killed a large number of them and destroying the next generation could have a disastrous effect. No lightbugs means no electricity. Red could have just crippled society’s main source of power and that is something that could hit everyone pretty hard.

I hate cults.

I hate cults.

I said that the first two theories were highly speculative, but this last thing is full of speculation as well. Chamber detected another unit and Red identified it as the one that belonged to his superior officer. What we saw on the ships that held it hold a lot of significance. Everyone on the ships wore hooded robes and had markings on their faces. Also, they displayed the mech like it was a religious figure. What does this scream? Cult, that’s what it screams. There are two interesting possibilities here and they both have to do with killing whalesquid. The first is that Kugel survived and was thrown onto Earth like Red was. He discovered the Earth Hideauze and began to kill them which made the people believe that he was a God. They began to worship him and that is why they are dressed up like a cult. Also, there are whalesquid carcasses displayed on the ships. The other theory is the same thing, but Kugel is dead and his mech has been autonomously taking care of the Hideauze. Although I would find it odd that no one would have heard of the mech over the course of many years, I could see this somewhat supporting Bryan’s time travel theory. If the mech is unmanned, then it could mean that it showed up before Red. I am not to keen on the theory, but I could see it getting more support. Overall, I am very excited about the direction that this series is taking and I am looking forward to seeing what happens when these two communities meet.

Watch out for power outages in the near future.

Watch out for power outages in the near future.


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