Impression – Mushibugyou, Episode 19









Well, the insect men did have something up their sleeves. Was it anything crazy? Not really. I can’t judge them all based on an opponent that fights Jinbei, but I am still not impressed. Is it bad that I have a tough time gauging power based on the main character because he kind of sucks? I don’t think so, but I know there are people who would disagree with me. Oh well, I did enjoy the fight to say the least.

Jinbei is starting to get his act together.

Ooka decided that he would challenge Yukimura and company to combat in order to buy time for the Mushibugyou. Mugai is with her because their goal is the most important one. Unfortunately, Yukimura did not care about these feeble humans, so he off the challenge. Jinbei brings it home with a classic taunt stating that Yukimura is running away and that Jinbei and company can easily defeat him. That will piss off a lot of people. It is because of that that Yukimura sent his remaining crucifix insects to take care of the city patrol. They did that thing where they showed the eventual match ups because everyone has to fight their counterpart in a series like this. Jinbei ends up fighting first and it is a rematch with the guy that he fought at the gate. He is a water bug, so he had an advantage when they were fighting in the water. Jinbei was able to overcome this, but the insect guy finally showed off some real power. He shed his skin to give us a Dragon Ball power up. The guy has control over water and that would have won him the match if Jinbei did not conveniently get a hint regarding the technique that would be perfect in this situation. The Mt. Fuji Storm used the water to Jinbei’s advantage and the fight was his. That is good for Jinbei because Hibachi is not doing nearly as well on her end.

That is an interesting way to die.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I am satisfied with the insect men for now. The guy used a power up that made the fight interesting. Did we get a Dragon Ball fight that lasts an entire season and has thirty transformations? No, but we did get an entertaining fight that showed off a significant increase in overall power levels. Was Jinbei’s ability to master a new technique that was perfect in this situation based on a single hint obvious plot armor? You know it was, but you can’t do much about that. Things like this are pretty much standard whether we like it or not. Like I said, the overall fight was entertaining and that is good enough for me. The death scene was interesting because of the dust. I guess it is a result of the insect men being very old. That was implied at least. Oh yeah, and the Mushibugyou was able to sense that Jinbei was in danger. That scene was probably linked to the karma thing that Jinbei was talking about in the last episode. It is the little things that matter to me.

That isn’t good.

The next episode should feature some fighting from Hibachi. The leader of the crucifix insects seems to be a user of ninjutsu similar to that of Hibachi’s You can’t have a fight unless it is with your counterpart, so this was an inevitability. Hibachi seems to not be fairing so well, but seeing Jinbei will probably give her a second wind. Do I expect the two to fight together? Not really. He may intervene early, but I don’t see Jinbei and Hibachi teaming up against this guy. It would make sense for them to do so, but I just don’t see it happening. I expect the group to slowly separate and we will see Jinbei walk in on the various fights. After Ooka takes on his opponent, Jinbei will fight Sanada and probably lose if you ask me. Mugai or the Mushibugyou will have to inervene towards the end because I doubt that they will let Jinbei take over the role of big shot just yet. He barely knows any of the Mt. Fuji techniques. I am already looking ahead to a continuation after this season.

That is both adorable and cliché.

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