Impression – Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S, Episode 19


Episode 19 – “Academy City: Research Exhibit Assembly”

This episode, we get to play babysitter for the adorable Febri-chan! It’s not often we get a loli character who’s more cute than annoying in anime. I also don’t feel weird calling her a loli because she has an unmatchable love for lollipops. So think of it as a nice double entendre. The most interesting about those suckers is that they’re apparently really disgusting for everyone besides Febri. It makes me wonder what kind of flavor they’re meant to be and whether they’re super sour or bitter or just really gross.

Unfortunately for Misaka, Febri doesn’t really take a liking to her despite knowing her name before even meeting her. To rub salt in the wounds, she even likes Mii and Kongou more than she likes Misaka. I think the main character of the series should get more love than that! It’s unfortunate since Misaka tries so hard to win over Febri, like animating a Gekota finger puppet for her. Even I was legitimately impressed by the stunt, but Febri just takes the Gekota puppet for herself to play with.


This, along with the mysteries that surround Febri’s existence get to Misaka, and even Kuroko offering up her body doesn’t do anything to cheep her up. We pretty know nothing about Febri except that that group of scientists has some interest in her. I have a bad feeling about what’s to come in the near future because of how attached they’re making us to Febri. It can only mean bad things, but I have faith that things will turn okay in the end. I’m just waiting for the big reveal behind the purpose of Febri’s existence.

What almost confuses me more than Febri is the team of scientists. First, we see them working in a dark computer room together, and then they’re walking about in broad daylight. I’m surprised the girls didn’t notice the suspicious, creepy guy following Febri around. It seems like their ultimate goal involves gathering data from Level 5’s. They already have Mugino and now they appear to be after Misaka. So far, this arc is doing a good job of keeping me guessing.


I’m also a fan of Saten’s choice of light novels. Kino no Tabi is a highly philosophical light novel series that was turned into an anime series in 2003, and I think it’s been far too long without a sequel. And I’m not just saying that because the main heroine Kino is one of my favorite characters. It’s definitely something to check out if you want something a bit on the deep side, as each episode touches on human nature and almost satirizes it.


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