Impression – Mushibugyou, Episode 18









Things are starting to heat up in this series in more than one sense. Unfortunately, heating up is the best way to describe the events that transpired in this episode. The real action is going to be taking place in the next episode if I had to guess, but there is a lot of important stuff going on in this episode.

That doesn’t look good.

The insect men are not happy with the fact that Jinbei and company are still on the loose. The threats are no longer verbal and people are dying in large numbers. Yukimura doesn’t have to keep his promise of not killing people if other people are breaking promises. What is even worse? Even though the workers finished the ship in time and it is obviously built well, the people of Kishuu are going to die. Jinbei and company were not captured in time, so Yukimura has sentenced the entire city to death. These insect men are pretty crazy. Well, the mass execution was halted when Jinbei and friends put their plan into action. There are three groups that will be taking care of various tasks. The most important tasks are restoring the Mushibugyou’s power and defeating the insect men. I am looking forward to this, but I am a little worried that the battle could be very underwhelming.

This was so beautiful.

The battle with the insect men wasn’t the only thing that was heating up. The Mushibugyou has been enjoying this time with Jinbei. Her status has not kept the two apart during this journey and her lack of powers allows her to touch him without consequence. We all know that Hibachi has a thing for Jinbei, but I am really rooting for the Mushibugyou. Unfortunately, the Mushibugyou may be giving up on herself in this situation. She told Hibachi that she would leave Jinbei to her, but the Mushgibugyou proceeded to do something that gives off the opposite message. She goes off with Jinbei to enjoy the night in which a lot of beautiful moments occur. Jinbei speaks fondly of the bell that she gave him and the two hold hands in the moonlight. The night is cut short when the rest of the city patrol shows up, but I can’t imagine this scene being added and the Mushibugyou not being a factor moving forward from a romantic standpoint.

This battle better be good.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I am a little mixed regarding the state of this series. I have enjoyed the fighting thus far and the romance has been enjoyable. However, I am afraid that the insect men are going to continue their streak of losing in a very underwhelming fashion. I was talking to my friend Vaughn and if you look at Mushibugyou as a twenty-six episode series, then the insect men suck. They have not lived up to the hype that has surrounded them. Jinbei is still a joke amongst his colleagues and he has handled his fair share of insect men. As far as I am concerned, the Insect Hunters were tougher. They should just send Mugai in so he can end this series and we can get past these guys. We have yet to see this battle, but I need something more from the insect men if I am going to enjoy this arc as far as the action goes. Also, I can’t imagine this series ending when the season is over. There has to be more because there is too much going on right now that has yet to be answered.

That is beautiful.

This is the one thing that has yet to disappoint me. Jinbei has a very interesting harem. Some of the girls may lack romantic development, but it includes a guy and that is hilarious in my book. The important thing here is the Mushibugyou. I am really looking forward to seeing what happens between her and Jinbei moving forward. They have really built up their relationship in the last two arcs and I almost can’t see it not happening at this point. It just seems like the series is pushing it and I don’t mind that because I really like the pairing. When Jinbei said that he kept that bell on him at all times because it feels like it connects their karma, I almost lost it. That was beautiful and something that only Jinbei could say. He is a very genuine person and that came from the heart. What do I expect from them? I think that this fight with the insect men will not end during this arc and the Mushibugyou will get captured. Jinbei will have to rescue her and their relationship will continue to grow. That is what I think and I hope that we get that because it would be beautiful.

That face makes me laugh.

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