News – Nintendo to Release a ‘2DS’ Version of the 3DS for $129.99

Nintendo sure loves to confuse us with its marketing decisions. This time, we have the newest addition to the 3DS family, the 2DS, a budget model meant to only play games in 2D and is aimed at consumers unfamiliar with Nintendo handhelds. That pretty much just means kids and parents of said kids.

The first thing one might notice is the fact that it doesn’t fold. It’s just one slab, and that’s a huge turn-off for me. Though, the modern technological aesthetic has shifted to non-folding things, like tablets and smartphones, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that Nintendo wanted to adopt a similar look.

Still, this just seems like a waste of time, and I’d really hate to accuse Nintendo of trying to scam people for money. I mean, there is such a thing as buying a used 3DS and not using the 3D function (which is exactly what I did). Of course, Nintendo doesn’t gain any additional money from this.


Perhaps the strangest thing about this is that the 2DS is only being released in North America and Europe, with no plans for a Japanese release. Does this mean it ultimately reduces itself down to a cultural issue? Is there something about the Western audience that required Nintendo to create such a contraption in order to generate more sales?

While there may be good intentions, I really can’t say I like this product at all. I think Nintendo should grant the Western market with more special edition 3DS XL’s. That’d get me to open up my wallet.

The Nintendo 2DS will hit Western shores on October 12th, the day Pokemon X/Y will be released, and is priced at $129.99.


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