Impression – Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist, Episode 06

Makai Ouji







Even though it seems like a boy’s love series at times, there are things about this series that I think can draw in a casual audience. The battle for the next ruler of hell is an interesting one and the biblical references hit me personally. Even though a lot of the guys are effeminate, it isn’t like we don’t see that in a lot of series out there. This is not your average shoujo.

That was a quick exit.

The war is heating up in more ways than one. One of the other prefects is having trouble with his dad, but that isn’t an uncommon thing right now. William can’t seem to clear the air with Kevin and it is really getting to our protagonist. That will have to wait because William needs to deal with someone else. A friend of William’s has a very important father. The guy is a general that recently survived a bad fall. Unfortunately, the general has changed quite a bit since his near death experience and he now seems a bit war hungry. However, William views meeting him as a way to move up in the world, so the young realist refuses to tread lightly in this situation. Luckily, everyone seems to be protecting William nowadays. The party goes south when it turns out that the good general is actually dead and a servant of Beelzebub has taken his place. The war hungry demon is after Solomon, but Dantalion and Sitori can’t interfere in the affairs of another demon. A member of the church sent by Kevin ends up protecting William, but Beelzebub is not done yet. This is a battle that could go on for a while. Also, Kevin is the angel Uriel. This is getting interesting.

I did not expect Kevin to be an angel.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I enjoy where this is going. Not only are we about to see more conflict now that a major demon has joined the fray, but the church is not shying away from these events either. I assume that William is no longer seen as a threat now that a major angel is on his side, but they are definitely prepared to act. On the other hand, it is odd to see Sitori and Dantalion forced to hold back. Demon law must have some pretty harsh punishments for Dantalion to use simple aid as leverage in the hell elector process. Beelzebub is a prince, so it must be difficult to get in his way. Do I think that we will see a crazy battle? Not really. This isn’t an action series and the fights never really last that long. I don’t see that changing especially when William can stop fights himself. He obviously can’t command anyone outside of his pillars, but it also seems like a few of them may no longer be under his command. If a demon swears its allegiance to another master, Solomon may lose power I guess. Overall, it is shaping up to be an interesting struggle.

She was not amused by that proposal.

I am interested to see how important some of these characters become. We have been introduced to quite a few people and that means that only a handful of them are going to get proper screen time. There isn’t enough time to accommodate everyone. The role that Kevin plays is going to be fairly important. Now that it has been revealed that Kevin is the angel Uriel, things will get interesting. Has Kevin been the one serving William’s family for generations in the hopes that he will be able to keep Solomon’s successor away from the demons? Does he care for William as a person or just as Solomon? Will Kevin enter the fray and battle Beelzebub when the laws of the demon world interfere in a battle that would already put Dantalion at a disadvantage? When will William find out about Kevin’s true identity. These are all very important questions and I am looking forward to seeing more from Kevin’s character. I am not just saying that because he has Jun Fukuyama as a voice actor. Although I can’t say that it isn’t a bonus.

That was a bad excuse.


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