Impression – Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist, Episode 07

Makai Ouji







Just when I thought that they were going to tone down the BL, this episode shows up. I am pretty sure that this episode was made for the sole purpose of reminding me that this is indeed a shoujo series. I can forget that from time to time due to the story, but that may be a bit ignorant of me. The only shoujo that I have read and watched have been romances, so this may be normal.

You can’t kill him yet.

This episode changed its tone very quickly. We started off with some high school antics. The big play is coming up and people have started to choose their roles. Dantalion is a king and that obviously shows off his true personality. On the flip side, Sitori decided to cross dress. The guy can pull it off, but that was done a little too well. William is the director because he likes to bark out orders. While the rehearsal was meant to take place, all of the important demons were gathering together. The four major rulers and several candidates showed up, but the night was cut short by an attempt on William’s head. Sitori’s uncle has decided that life would be better if William was dead, so the usual group showed up to save him. Unfortunately, a barrier cast on William by Kevin attacked Dantalion and forced him to lose control. The rampage almost killed William and a few things have been made certain. Demons are after William’s head, the candidates are getting anxious, and the demons now know that a powerful member of the church is around campus. This will be interesting.

If you say so.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I like where things are going. The struggle for power in hell is coming to a boil as those who lack a covenant with Solomon are starting to make their move. A power struggle that dwarfs what we saw before has started up and something is going to have to give eventually. The pillars, the other demons, and the church all want William on their side. That is a lot of people vying for your attention. What I am really waiting on is the reveal of Kevin’s secret identity as the angel Uriel. That will not sit well with a lot of people. The demons will not want to see such a powerful foe in front of them and William will not want to believe anything that is going on. The reveal could change the dynamic between William and Kevin if I thought that William would actually believe in all of this angel stuff. It will probably fall on deaf ears. What really bothers me is the fact that Kevin is hiding the ring of wisdom from William. What will happen if he gets his hands on that ring?

That is not right.

On the demonic side of things, the four rulers definitely interest me. Sitori’s uncle is quite the aggressive guy. He lacks a contract with Solomon, so I expect that he will be the main villain moving forward. Why is that? As a ruler, Baalberith has many demons at his beck and call. We may have been introduced to a ridiculous number of characters, but this guy seems important. Also, I don’t know if they can keep shoving more characters at us without defining a main villain. On the other hand, Astaroth interests me. I want to know why she is against killing William. Is it human compassion or something more complex than that? This series is trying to show demons in a way that is different from the biblical approach. Dantalion and company seem like upstanding people who are just a bit eccentric. I am not used to such demons from a biblical setting. I guess that is Japan using its ability to interpret Christianity in odd ways. Is that bad? Not in my opinion, but it is definitely something that you rarely see in western media.

That works too well.

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