Impression – Gin no Saji, Episode 05

Gin no Saji







Have you ever watched Ancient Aliens? It is a hilarious show from the History Channel that plays over here in the United States. I think that it is pretty funny because they blame anything and everything on interference from aliens. How does this relate to Gin no Saji? Well, crop circles, Area 51, and ridiculous fascination are present in this episode.

Pizza is a wonderful thing.

While on a horseback riding trip, Hachiken and company spot a crop circle in one of the fields. Hachiken has aliens on the brain, but the rest of the students have other worries. A smaller harvest and more work is a result of crop circles and farmers are not happy about them. Suddenly, a stir starts over a big event that is occurring at night. Area 51 is being mentioned and everyone wants to see something. Hachiken and myself assume that it is aliens. There is a very strict curfew at the school, so they have to plan a prison break in order check out the big event. What’s the plan? Sneak out through two bathrooms while Tamako acts as a decoy. That sounds solid enough, but things don’t go as smoothly as they had hoped. A security camera almost gets in their way, but Beppu steps in to handle it. Unfortunately, he was in charge of standing in for roll call, so the gang is found out. They make a run for it and they lose various members along the way. Some fall down, others catch criminals, and Beppu is not fond of running. Two members of the group make it to the site and behold, wait for it, a giant harvester. There was no UFO. The thing to see was a giant harvester that was going through plot 51. Attack dogs were present to scare away the bears and helicopters flew over because of a local military base. Everyone got punished and fun was had.

Do not steal strawberries.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I really enjoyed this episode. We didn’t really learn a life lesson and Hachiken didn’t get much out of the experience aside from a cool picture, but it was funny. This was the completely light-hearted episode that we were bound to get. The comedy was there with the way that the escape went down and the fact that it was never aliens to begin with. I do wish that they showed off the girls a little more though. Just showing off the guys will start to lose its appeal and you can’t have female characters only serving the purpose of romantic interests. Aki has been a little bit more than just a romantic interest, but it is clear that that is her main role. I want to see more from Mayumi because she is not stuck with that role. Also, she is my favorite character in the series. Even though we haven’t seen much from her, the love of cheese and extortion is what got me hooked.

That was pretty manly.

I did learn a few things from this episode. The first thing is that you do not mess with crops because farmers do not like that shit. Are crop circles mysterious and cool designs? No, they are a destructive prank that hurts the harvest. Is it cool to steal from a farmer? Hell no it’s not. Those strawberries are literally the fruit of some major labor and that was not cool. The guys quickly took care of that guy. The robber got beaten pretty badly and the escape vehicle was stopped because they were beaten so badly that a student stole their phone and called the cops. Another thing that I learned was that farm equipment is pretty cool. Have you ever played Farm Simulator? You don’t have to, but you should check out the RoosterTeeth video of the Achievement Hunter guys playing it. That stuff is pretty cool and I guess that checking out that high-end harvester is the equivalent of checking out a sports car for city folk. Did I learn anything else? I think that this episode solidified my love of this series. That is pretty much it.

Neither am I.

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