Impression – Gin no Saji, Episode 07

Gin no Saji







There are a lot of different ways to do the same thing. People will take various approaches based on the desired outcome and the person’s own personality. Hachiken stated that he believes that there isn’t really a right answer to things. In this sense there isn’t, but there are definitely wrong answers.

That was not beautiful.

Hachiken has been working pretty hard over the past two weeks, so Aki’s mom offered to take the kids on a break. What can you go to that is close to the farm? How about another farm. the gang decided to go to Giga Farm which is run by Tamako’s family. Unlike the smaller farms that Hachiken has seen that are run solely by families, Giga Farm is like a corporation that is run on a large-scale with machine-like efficiency. Having lots of expensive machines helps with that. It is there that Hachiken learns about the other side of farm work. Although these people may seem harsher because they do not care for their cows in the same way that the Mikages do, they do still love their livestock. They love them much more than Tamako cares about her parents because she is ready to start-up a hostile takeover of the family farm. Tamako may have the potential to do various things from a business standpoint, she is very interested in making money on her farm. This episode wasn’t all about Giga Farm. Aki talks about how she would rather work with horses than take over the family farm. That is a tough thing to want when you are the only heir for your family farm. Hachiken may care about her wishes, but things are pretty complicated. Hachiken should worry more about being horsezoned.

Hachiken just got horsezoned.

Current Opinion of the Show:

This was a good way to get back to what we have been covering for a while. That is glorifying the farm lifestyle. Regardless of how hard the work is, people have to do it. There are different approaches, but there isn’t really a right answer when it comes to handling the farms. This is something that could be said about various walks of life. Trying to hold ourselves to a standard would be damaging. We are holding ourselves back at that point. The world is not black and white. The world is filled with many colors and many options. They are out there and all we need to do is seize them. Unfortunately, we can get stuck on paths that we would rather not be on. Some of us just don’t have the money to reach for the stars. Others are stuck with circumstances that were put in place by others. Once again, the world is not black and white. Opportunity is out there and we must reach for it if we can. However, we must also play with the hands that fate has dealt us. Can we all be professional athletes and politicians? No, but getting the most out of what we have is very important.

Hachiken should be afraid of that man.

I do kind of wish that we could be done with the summer vacation arc that we are currently dealing with. It’s not like I am not enjoying things, but I do miss some of the other characters. I think that it is more than just Hachiken that makes this series great. On that note, I am not the biggest fan of the relationship between Hachiken and Aki. Do I dislike them as a couple? Not really, but I do not really like them as one either. I don’t think that a major romantic element is really necessary in this series. Will it continue to be a thing? Probably and it won’t bother me. I just want to see more of the other characters. I am glad that we are getting a better look at some of them though. Komaba, Tamako, and Aki all lead some interesting lives. I have enjoyed this arc, but I think that it is time for us to go back to school. I am sure that some of you dislike hearing that, but it is a thing. Hopefully we will see more from the usual gang. I am curious about where the series will leave off at the end of the season. We are only getting eleven episodes, but a second season is coming out in January of next year. Even then, I would not be happy with a cliffhanger.

We need to meet them eventually.

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