Impression – Mushibugyou, Episode 23









Do you enjoy the relationship between Jinbei and the Mushibugyou? I do and I can tell you that they are definitely my favorite couple right now as far as this season goes at least. What makes them great? If you have been watching this series and you don’t know that yet, then you will never understand it.

Oooka ships it.

The Mushibugyou’s group has finally made it to the well and things were going well enough until Saizou revealed himself. It was much less of a reveal and more of Mugai cutting the shadow in half. Mugai is now fighting Saizou which seems very fitting. The second strongest guy has to fight Mugai. That basically initiated the rest of the fights. The duo in the snow is fighting Tenma, Hibachi, and Koikawa. That was going well enough until the two shed their skins. That was the last we saw of that fight. Jinbei left to go after the Mushibugyou because Oooka decided to take on Yukimura. The fight was not going very well as Oooka loses his left arm pretty early on in the fight. However, he continued to fight to the death. Was this because of his honor as a samurai? No, it was because of the Mushibugyou. She was once a doll. A solitary object that did nothing but fulfill a role. However, Jinbei brought life into the young girl. It is because of this that Oooka fights. He knows that he will not win, but every slash increases the amount of time that the two can spend together. The Mushibugyou can neither touch another person, nor be touched by them when her powers are in tact. She will soon regain said powers while Jinbei protects her. Unfortunately, Oooka has been taken out and Jinbei must fight Yukimura. I can’t wait for the next episode.

This guy has it coming.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I love what is currently going on. You know how I have been very upset by the lack of strength on the part of the insect men? Well, that was shattered in this episode. Saizou is fighting against Mugai and not getting his ass kicked yet. That is quite the feat because they have built up Mugai quite a bit. He has a weapon that could kill the Mushibugyou while she has her full powers. Then you have Yukimura. They were building up Oooka as well if you ask me. He seemed quite capable and the guy got demolished. Losing limbs and only getting a small hit in at the end. Does anyone else think that the possible wound on Yukimura’s back will play a role in the upcoming fight? I sure do. Also, I expect the fight between the leftovers to be interesting even though I can see the series ignoring it quite a bit. They have to feature Jinbei’s fight with Yukimura and  I can’t see Mugai’s fight being left out. There are just too many fights to cover at once. Also, I have been spelling “Oooka” wrong for a while now. I guess that the thought of three “O’s” just didn’t compute in my mind.

Just tell him how you feel dammit.

Time to talk about what is truly important in this series. The relationship between Jinbei and the Mushibugyou keeps getting better and better. Who needs to be there in order to keep the Mushibugyou from losing herself in that well? Jinbei of course. Who is finally going to get the opponent that a main character should get in order to protect the Mushibugyou? Jinbei of course. Who is probably going to lose and create the story for a second season through his failure? Jinbei if you ask me. Here is something interesting about this whole situation that I think needs to be pointed out. Yukimura referred to the energy coming from the well as the breath of his king. Also, the Mushibugyou acted as if she may not be the same when she exits the fountain. Could this simply be referring to the fact that she would no longer be able to touch Jinbei or could it possibly refer to the well being the energy that turns people into insect men? That is question that has been on my mind for quite some time now. I just hope that we don’t get stuck with a huge cliffhanger like we definitely will be at the end of the season. Also, I don’t know if I will ever say that I can see Jinbei ending up with anyone that isn’t the Mushibugyou at this point. She looks at him with such a loving expressing. It makes me heart melt guys.

This better be a cool fight.

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