Discussion – Is DLC a Good Thing?, Part 01

New stuff is cool, but this is getting ridiculous.

New stuff is cool, but this is getting ridiculous.


DLC has rarely gotten a solid opinion from the gaming community. Some fans really enjoy the opportunity to get more out of their games whether it is as simple as some new costumes or as complex as an entirely new game mode. Others will be irritated over the fact that they are paying more money for a game that they already shelled out sixty dollars for. Does free DLC fix the issue? Does making optional things in a free game paid help or hurt the overall experience? Does making an entirely new game make buying the original pointless? Let’s talk about it.

I was not happy about this.

Paid Downloads and New Versions of Games:

Fighting games are pretty notorious for having annoying DLC. Back in my day, we played through the game in order to unlock all of the characters. There are two sides to this argument that often come up and I have been on both of them. People that have despised this aspect of the game will complain that the original product is incomplete. Why would they give us a fighting game that was missing characters? If you can make the DLC characters come out within three months, why not just wait a bit to give us a real game? I already paid over sixty dollars for this game and now you want more money. That is stupid. I can definitely say that there is merit to this argument. I am normally on this side and this leads to even worse things. Mortal Kombat was pretty infamous for coming out with their Komplete Edition. I hate the fact that they come out with a better version of the game at a later date. It basically makes my original purchase useless and it supports the waiting argument. New editions are meant for those that missed out on the initial release and the DLC, but it really hurts the fans that show up right away in my opinion. They even called it the “Komplete Edition” which I think was a bad move. What does that make the original? Mortal Kombat and Dead or Alive have both done this in recent memory. On the other side of the argument, you have people who are simply excited to get new stuff. I am this way with Injustice: Gods Among Us, but I have a reason for that. If they continue to give us new characters over the next few years, then they will cater to their audience. DC fans want the world, but you don’t have the time to give it to them. However, if you can slowly release characters based on fan requests, then you can start to appease a lot of people. Also, as long as you don’t come out with a new version, more characters will give the game lasting value. That is a very glass half full argument.

“Free” has a nice ring to it.

Free DLC:

Here is a type of DLC that is more widely accepted. Why do people enjoy free DLC? Well, people like free stuff. Aside from that there is the fact that you don’t have to pay for it. The redundancy is there in order to make a point. Valve has been very nice about this and it doesn’t give off the incomplete game vibe that paid DLC does. Why is that? Well, even though it should, the “free” thing doesn’t really bring a lot of negatives along with it. Is there anything wrong with free DLC? I would say that there is one issue. Even though it is free, you still have to store the data somewhere. Most people don’t mind having multiple hard drives, but those things aren’t always cheap and some of them need to be formatted before usage. What else is wrong with this? The new generation is what scares me in this regard. Both the Xbox One and the PS4 have been revealed to not allow external storage. How much do we trust the cloud? Did that sound paranoid to you? Well, I am a little paranoid. I like to download things.

Everyone is playing this fucking game.

Paid Content in Free-to-Play Games

I know that I am not the only one out there that plays League of Legends. Why do people love this game so much? Well, if we forget the gameplay, characters, and everything else, then I would say because it is free. Once again, people like free things. However, is this game truly free? Something that has gotten to people for a while is paid content in free-to-play games. Most people think that it is completely fine. Not only does the paid content not affect overall gameplay for others, but it is a good way to support a company that doesn’t pull in revenue through subscription fees. I know that I don’t mind putting up money for a skin every once in a while. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks that way. Technically, instead of farming for points through actual gameplay, players can attain things through access to money. Some kid can have cooler stuff than me just because I am broke. That is a truth of life, but a “free” game can never truly be called “free” when people with money have a leg up on others. I barely have any runes because I still need to buy characters for my role.

Final Say

DLC is a rough thing. People do not like spending extra money for the most part and it’s not like companies are trying to hide the fact that things were left out of their games. Season passes are sold for tons of games. However, there are some providers that cannot sell you a season pass. Heck, different stores receive different preorder bonuses for games. Is that not unfair steering. Especially if said DLC is not made available to the public and you simply miss out because you couldn’t buy your game from a GameStop? Also, first day DLC just seems like a scam no matter who you ask. Why is this ready at the same time as my game? Way to not hide anything. On the other hand, there will always be people who don’t care about paying some extra money. Does it make you an idiot for buying Dead or Alive 5 at launch when Ultimate was coming out? No, but there will be people who make sure you think that. Ultimately, my opinion of DLC changes from game to game. I have never minded buying a new version of Pokémon. They skip the DLC altogether and go for the new games like Emerald and Platinum. I don’t know about adding entire game modes like they did in Bioshock Infinite. Is it cool to get a new game mode. Yes, but where was something as important as that initially. Oh well, what do you think?

One response to “Discussion – Is DLC a Good Thing?, Part 01

  1. I think first day DLC is a joke. You can’t really argue it any other way. DLC over time is alright. A lot of the additions aren’t important to most people, so delaying the release for the sake of stuffing the game with extras doesn’t necessarily best serve the players.
    And charging for the DLC is fair as well. It’s expensive to produce a game, and once it’s out, it’s hard to justify spending more money on producing more content unless the consumer, in turn, is paying for it.
    When it comes to Bioshock Infinite, I don’t think the new game modes would justify a brand new game, but the additions offer so much to those of us that loved the game. I’ve got so much anticipation for Burial at Sea.

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