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Love is a very powerful thing. Even people who don’t like romance heavy stories can appreciate a nice romance splashed into a story. However, I am a bit surprised by the focus that the relationship between the Mushibugyou and Jinbei is getting. I enjoy it and I think that the story is functioning well, but it is not something that I thought would be happening in a series about killing giant bugs.

She finally got in the damn well.

The episode started off in a fairly interesting manner. We got updates on all of the fights. Oooka is dead, the two insects that are fighting Hibachi and company have shed their skins, and Mugai has won his fight. His blade absorbed that Saizou guy and I think that we are done with him. Could it be another trick? I guess, but I don’t know if they will keep bringing him back. What actually matters is what was going on with Jinbei and the Mushibugyou. Jinbei became furious when he found out that Yukimura killed Oooka and he began to fight with the monster. While this was going on, the Mushibugyou stepped into the well and began her quest to regain her powers. In the well, you see your dark past and are forced to overcome it. The Mushibugyou was a princess that was killed in a battle. Her life was saved by a crazy bug that she once protected. It gave her the poison powers that she once boasted, but those same powers killed everyone around her. Jinbei talked about how she did the right thing and the two had a moment in the well. Why was he there? Yukimura tossed Jinbei into the well in order to kill him off with the poison. That didn’t work and Jinbei got pushed out of the well by the Mushibugyou. Things seemed like they were going fairly well until Yukimura stated that the well would rob the Mushibugyou of her memories. That isn’t good.

This was a beautiful moment.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I love this show almost as much as the Mushibugyou loves Jinbei. That is a lie. I enjoy this series, while she truly loves Jinbei. It is pretty obvious if you ask me. I have to start off with talking about the ship or I am going to explode. A lot of people thought that Jinbei would end up with Hibachi or Oharu. That was fairly well supported for a while and it is completely understandable. However, the series is pushing this couple almost as hard as Sword Art Online pushed Kirito and Asuna. That is also a lie because this series is still developing characters outside of the couple. I found it pretty interesting that they brought out some classic drama with the couple. Your normal fan hears that the Mishibugyou will lose her memories and they think of her inability to go against the king. A shipper will hear that the Mushibugyou and freak the fuck out because that means she will forget about Jinbei. Both are bad, but I mostly care about her and Jinbei. I cheated and watched the preview for next week. Someone is getting a piggy back ride and I am pretty damn excited.

That weapon is ridiculous.

There are quite a few things that need explanation at this point in time. I will accept the insect powers and the ridiculous power that the insect hunters have. I basically have to because you can’t question the basic powers in a series like this. However, I will question Mugai. What is up with that blade? I know that it has assimilated things before like the horn on that giant beetle from the episode in which Jinbei first met the Mushibugyou, but this is getting pretty crazy. Can he assimilate Yukimura? That would be a lame ending, but I do want to know. Saizou kind of went out in a weak way if you ask me, but that happens to illusion guys a lot. The next thing that needs explaining is Jinbei. That poison was supposed to fuck him up, but the dude entered the well, spent time in it with the Mushibugyou, and got out of there without even choking. Is it connected to his crazy abilities from the last arc? I hope so. If his body can resist poison, then he can stay with the Mushibugyou even if she regains her powers. How much of her power will be brought back? Not all of it if they want to save her, but enough to make her even more happy to touch Jinbei. I need more of this series now.

How could they not recognize her?

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