Impression – Senyuu. 2, Episode 12

Senyuu. 2








A lot of us were wondering what kind of powers Creasion would bring to the table. We saw that blast or whatever it was and a shift in time that saved Alba. Were the two powers related? Yes and no. The two aren’t related in a general sense, but they are when it comes to Creasion. Why is that? Well, Creasion has whatever powers he wants.

That is broken.

This episode was pretty simple. Creasion was kicking Dezember’s ass and that confused him. Things were not going well for him and the guy grew and afro. Why is that? Well, it turns out that Creasion has the ability to use any powers he wants. Time control, teleportation, even afro growing. Those are all at his disposal. The only thing that helped the scared Dezember was the strain on the world and the demon king. Unfortunately for Dezember, Creasion can negate his effect on the human world and he is not afraid of the old demon king. Creasion brought the guy to the battlefield and made a fool of the old man. Creasion then said that Ross needed to stop the other members of the month demons even though they are not related. Any further discussion was cut off by the disappearance of both Creasion and the demon king. That was it.

Simple, yet hilarious.

Current Opinion of the Show:

This was a very bittersweet episode. Why is that? Well, I really enjoyed the episode. There was nice humor with the toilet man comment and the afro. On the other hand, we got that classic Senyuu. action that we rarely see in other series. What is the power of the great Creasion? Anything he wants it to be. Can Dezember do anything to further his goals? Not while he’s dead he can’t. Is the demon king the threat that we all didn’t believe he was? No, but that was decently expected. The guy would either not be strong or be strong and clumsy with those powers. It was fairly obvious for a while now. Unfortunately, it was bitter because we only have one episode left. I am going to miss Senyuu. once again, but it does look like there is room for more. We will hopefully get to see the end of this tale.

Not the best king.

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