Impression – Diamond no Ace, Episode 02

Diamond no Ace








Well, the result of that match was something that I definitely did not expect. I thought that we were going to get something that would show Eijun how much he needs to improve. Sure, he realized that he hasn’t been pitching the way that he could during high school, but I thought that he would give up a bunch of home runs and possibly get a strike at the end. What we got was a very dominant display that showed everyone why Eijun was invited to join the team.

Did Eijun just realize that he is gay?

Eijun was actually being set up in the beginning. He was very stiff and Miyuki purposefully wanted Eijun to give up a home run to start things off. Eijun surprised everyone by throwing it into the ground and avoiding a hit. After that, a spirited talk between pitcher and catcher started a string of nothing but strikes and foul hits. Well, there were a few balls, but Azuma was humbled. When Eijun returned, everyone knew about the offer that he got from Tokyo. Eijun’s grandpa has a big mouth. Everyone talked about how proud they were of Eijun and it really got to him. Eijun was scared of going to Tokyo and he wanted to play with his friends, but he also realizes the great opportunity in front of him. After six months, Eijun is leaving for Tokyo. He decided that he would go and represent his school. A tearful goodbye told Eijun that they all wanted to play baseball with him. These feelings were held in for six months because no one wanted to hold Eijun back from his full potential. This may have gotten to Eijun, but it lit a fire inside of him. Eijun has never been this motivated to make it to nationals.

Catchers are extremely important.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I actually enjoyed the display in the beginning. Catchers are often overlooked by people who don’t know about baseball and it is nice that they showed off how important Miyuki was in this little challenge. Also, even though Eijun seemed fairly strong, there is some plot armor at work here. Players that switch from the national league to the american league and vice versa will tell you that one of the hardest things to do is getting used to the new pitchers. Being a new arm gave Eijun an early advantage. There was also arrogance at play. Azuma underestimated Eijun in the beginning and frustration clearly got the better of him. You can’t really say that Eijun would have won a best of five or something like that. Having said that, plot armor does exist for a reason. You need to protect your main characters because they are the focus of the story. I am happy with Eijun’s pitching style. Breaking balls can be very difficult to hit and catch. That shows how skilled Miyuki is to be able to catch all of that junk without working with Eijun. Those unpredictable pitches should make Eijun a very valuable player for Seidou.

That wasn’t obvious.

I would like to know about the level of exposure that the kids back home are going to get. Eijun did leave home, but I would like to see something more than a bunch of kids cheering him on in front of a television at home. That may be all that we get, but it would be a sad truth in my opinion. The main character development will go to Eijun and his teammates, so I don’t know if his old friends can be prominent characters. Things can get cluttered very easily. I would like to say that I am mostly excited to meet more of the Seidou students. I already like Miyuki a lot more than I like Eijun and I expect more interesting characters to show up in the near future. I don’t dislike Eijun, but I don’t feel attached to him yet. He seems like your typical protagonist that will try hard to win and not have much else going for him aside from the fact that he is the main character. Side characters often get a large fan base due to their unique qualities. I would like to know who the captain is. There are some stereotypical positions that a captain would play such as first base, short stop, and catcher. It wouldn’t be the catcher, so my money is on first base. I am definitely wrong on this one. I have once again talked about real sports so much that I have lost all of our readers. My true colors are showing a little too much.

Well, Seidou could definitely win it all.

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