Impression – Diamond no Ace, Episode 03

Diamond no Ace








What happens when you go to an extremely strict boarding school? You probably don’t want to be late to your first day of practice. It sure would help if your roommates woke you up or your supposed partner didn’t throw you under the bus in order to save his own skin. Oh well, you are the protagonist and that means that everything will work out eventually. That is because this is an anime and they won’t kick out the main character like that.

You need to have a tough coach.

Eijun just got off the train and he is already acting like an idiot. All he does is yell and play baseball from what I can tell. Well, dorm life is both good and bad for the new kid. He is rooming with two upperclassmen that don’t seem to be bad people. Unfortunately, they didn’t wake up Eijun and they let him be late to practice. If only they didn’t keep him up with a video game tournament the night before. After a failed attempt at sneaking in got him and the others in trouble, Eijun did that classic newcomer thing as he got sick after morning practice. This is a pretty intense baseball school, but we already knew this. After not apologizing and failing to speak to the coach respectfully, Eijun was given a final chance. He had to throw a ball ninety meters successfully or quit being a pitcher. He failed, but the coach was impressed. The natural curve on the ball was the only thing that stopped it from hitting the fence. Eijun was pretty torn up about it, but there is a cruel reality at this school. Over one hundred players compete for a little more than nine spots on the team. You have to simply try your best because some never make the cut. That is why Eijun will continue to run his laps until he gets his shot.

That is what you get for picking on the new kid.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I pretty much like everything aside from the confidence that everyone has in Eijun. I mean, the main character needs to have skills that make him valuable to the baseball team. However, they could stop putting him up on a pedestal. Even the very strict coach is treating him like a main character. It isn’t a big deal, but it does get to me at times. Aside from that, the series is pretty enjoyable. I think that the characters are really pulling through for this series because I have enjoyed most of the ones that have been introduced. Miyuki is definitely my favorite as his antics are fairly entertaining. Not only did he use Eijun as a distraction to sneak into the lineup late, but he also told him that apologizing was a bad idea. That really fucked up Eijun’s ability to practice. Oh well, that is how you haze the freshman. I am just wondering how long this stage of the series is going to last. Eijun has to practice eventually because we need to see him in some actual games. I don’t know what this series plans on doing, but I assume that we kind of need that in a sports series.

Running kind of sucks.

Something that still concerns me is the focus on the new school. Sure, they need to show Eijun at Seidou with the team and everything, but I can’t imagine his teammates simply being memories that fuel his fire. Will we see any of them at Seidou? I don’t think that we will see any of the guys there. Does anyone else think that the girl may have applied for Seidou as a regular student? That may be going off of something that is not there, but it is possible. I just think that we should see them from time to time. Aside from that, there are some important looking characters in the opening theme that we have yet to meet. I know that we will be seeing another pitcher in the next episode, but the pacing is bothering me. Are we going to meet the other important characters one-by-one as they help Eijun get back on the team before the season starts? I sure hope not. That process would take way too long and the other series in this season would be over before this one actually got going. Will we meet most of them after Eijun starts practicing and getting into the lineup? That would be the better choice, but we will have to wait and see.

Miyuki is pretty evil.

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