Impression – Gingitsune, Episode 03









This is clearly going to be a very light-hearted story. Even the drama with the bullying wasn’t very intense. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily, but it does limit impact. I think that we are looking at a series that won’t get much attention this season because of the fact that the Fall 2013 Anime Season is pretty stacked. Do I think that there is an audience for Gingitsune? Yes, but I am not sure who this is directed towards.

That is terrifying.

We start off with the girls not getting along very well. What else is new? Funabashi was talking about the historical parts of the city and a bunch of other sentimental stuff. The connections that we share over time and whatnot even if we become separated. Are they about to graduate or something? Yumi wasn’t too fond of it because she took the realistic approach and said that things like historic buildings don’t remember people. That is true as far as I can tell, but Saeki found it interesting. The talk about things that survive the test of time continued as Saeki found a lost herald outside of the shrine. Unfortunately, the turtle lost his home due to modern development and this meant he started to lose his divine power. Saeki and Gintaro took the little guy to another shrine that was dedicated to the turtle’s god so that he could recover and find a new home. Luckily, the liondogs were accommodating and things worked out. However, the geezers talked about how their lifespans result in lacking memories. Humans come and go so quickly that they can’t remember all of the priests that have been with them. This got to Saeki, but Gintaro reassured her that she was special. Not much actually happened.

Is Saeki’s dad a psychopath?

Current Opinion of the Show:

I think that this is a nice series. Is it extremely interesting or groundbreaking in any way? Not really, but it is an easy watch that I am happy to have. Everything else I am watching is so intense that I am glad to have something that doesn’t require a great deal of focus to watch. This role is usually filled by a comedic series like GJ-bu for me, but a calming series like this one isn’t bad. The characters are interesting enough for me becoming bored like I expected to be after the first episode. I think that there is just enough going on to keep this from being a slice of life series that will force people to lose interest early on. Am I more tolerant than some people when it comes to judging a series like this one? Probably because I have heard that a lot of people dropped this one after the first two episodes. It definitely isn’t for everyone I can tell you that. I do think that we may be seeing some more interesting stuff soon, but I can’t guarantee that. I always think that the introduction of a main character can spice things up, but you never know.

Yumi may want to sit differently in such a short skirt.

Speaking of new characters, the preview of the next episode showed us another herald and a new guy. Can these new characters really shake things up? I hope they do. There isn’t much to shake up at this point in time and I would like to see something besides average high school life and a lazy herald. Is it bad of me to expect this guy to be a romantic interest simply because he is a guy and Saeki is a girl? Probably, but I am a shipper at heart. Characters don’t need to be love interests in order to have value to a story, but I can hope. I am guessing that this new guy is a true successor that is traveling or something like that. I thought that his herald may be Kintaro that found a new home and changed in size due to his time away from the shrine, but that probably isn’t so. Will the new herald make its home at Saeki’s shrine? It is possible because they both appear to be foxes and that means the new herald could serve Inari. Am I being herald racist by thinking this? I guess that I am. I really don’t have much else to say about what is going on because there isn’t much going on.

That is adorable.

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