Impression – Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova, Episode 03

Ars Nova


This is a series that has quickly lived up to my first round draft pick expectations. Does it have the best story? No. Does it have the best animation? No. Does it have the best characters? No. Is it ridiculously entertaining due to stupid reasons? You bet it is. The mix of naval strategy and a battleship harem makes my head hurt, but in a good way. I am glad that I chose this series.

The navy is very important in this series.

The crew finally pulls into their destination and they were met by a sea wall. We aren’t in Pacific Rim, but the humans have once again decided that a wall was the best course of action. The crew was taken in and given supplies that would help on their journey. This was nice, but they couldn’t fix some of the special Fog equipment at the naval base. This is advanced technology. Gunzou and Iona went off to check out the cemetery that holds a memorial to those that lost their lives during the war seven years ago. Iona thinks that mourning at a cemetery is illogical, but it does hold a lot of meaning for the people there. While this was happening, the rest of the crew was forced into having dinner with one of the higher-ups in the military. They wanted to have control of the submarine, but Gunzou would not allow that. The military doesn’t trust Iona because she is a member of the Fog, but Gunzou claims that the military is the one that should not be trusted. They have failed to make any progress against the Fog in seven years and that means the guy needs to shut the fuck up. Gunzou and the crew leave dinner early to take on two Fog battleships. Oh yeah, and Takao is going to wait for Gunzou somewhere as she is in love with him.

That is a nice memorial.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I love this series. The CGI is a negative, the story is average at best, and the characters need more development. Having said that, I can’t help but be entertained while watching this series. The battle tactics are a nice touch that we don’t see very often. That gives the series a level of intelligence that I appreciate. I am very excited to see how the crew takes on two Fog battleships while being without their secret weapon. I mean, it doesn’t seem like the navy is going to be very helpful to them. As Gunzou said, they really haven’t made much progress in the past seven years. Although, the big bad lady did state that the humans would have won on a level playing field. The tactics that are thought up by people who fear death are vital in a battle. I guess that explains the need for mental models. I assume that is what she meant while stating that they no longer needed to worry about tactics. It could also mean that they used humans such as Gunzou’s father, but the vague nature of the conversation did confuse me a bit.

How would that even work?

Time to talk about something that is confusing in a much more hilarious way. Takao has clearly fallen in love with Gunzou. Why is this great? Well, it is hilarious that a battleship is in love with a human. Think about it. Takao is going to try to be by Gunzou’s side. If this harem can grow, the Gunzou would be in charge of a fleet. Not just any fleet mind you, but a harem fleet. If that isn’t the most hilarious romantic situation in anime, then you need to suggest the more ridiculous series to me. I can’t live knowing that there is something more ridiculous out there that I haven’t watched. I mean, the battleships could have feelings and stuff. It may just be the submarines like Iona and the other two that are lacking in this department. It does seem as though Takao and the other battleships are fairly normal, but the romance stuff is tricky. Would they be together as man and mental model? Honestly, the possibilities are ridiculous and hilarious. I need to have a counter that says how many times I used those two words. Do you ship ships? I hope you do, because this is a story about ships that want to be shipped.

That is an intense CGI beard.

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