Impression – Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Comedy wo Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru, Episode 03

Ore no








I can’t handle this series and I am using that in a negative way. What is wrong with it? Honestly, I can’t handle the ridiculous missions. Was the laughing thing alright? I guess, but I was not a fan of the humor used aside from the banana slip. I will say that the attention to panties was what killed me. Do you want to watch an episode dedicated to seeing panties? I hope not because we probably can’t be friends anymore.

Stop sexual assault.

The first mission was completed in a way that I actually enjoyed. All of the bullshit tactics led up to something great and that great thing is a banana. Yes, the classic tripping on a banana peel gag pulled through in a fantastic way. It got Yukihira to laugh and I appreciate attention to the classics. Yukihira got her payback for the torture by giving Kanade enough brain damage to erase the memory of her tearful confession twice over. I would feel bad for Kanade if he wasn’t trying to sully a pure girl in the rest of the episode. The second mission was a tough one. Seeing panties while being worn is not easily accomplished, especially when it has to be those of a young lady that makes bleach look dirty. Does Kanade have anything going for him? The victim is friends with Yuouji and the other member of the Reject Five felt as though she wanted to help out the unfortunate soul. The three ended up hanging out for an entire day in order to help Kanade catch a glimpse of the underwear. Unfortunately, classic anime censors didn’t just affect the viewers. There was a copout that occurred which really helped out Kanade in the end. Yuouji was mistakenly wearing gift panties that were meant for Konagi and seeing those counted because the mission did not state that Konagi had to be the one wearing her panties. That was stupid.

I wanted to cry as well.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I am disappointed with this series. Is it wrong to use ecchi? No and I definitely think that it appeals to more people than it turns off. Well, let’s say it offends fewer people than it doesn’t when it comes to anime viewers. I can usually sit through stuff like this because it isn’t completely overpowering. I like Yu-Sibu and that gives us nothing but up-skirts and bad breast physics. The problem that I have with this series is the dialogue that constantly references the ecchi stuff. I didn’t know that we could hear that many requests to see panties in one episode. Reading the subtitles is a pretty important part of the viewing experience and I had to stop a few times in order to compose myself. Heck, I read silently with the player muted on at least three separate occasions because it was literally that difficult for me to get through this one. I would have instantly dropped the series if it wasn’t for the fact that I feel like covering it. Can the series improve in my eyes by being this level of ridiculous, but dropping the focus on ecchi missions? Yes and I think that it would function just fine being ridiculous and having ecchi stuff occur normally.

I normally avoid using these images, but this was important.

Honestly, that image is a bit much, but I can live with that. Here is the thing. What followed this was actually interesting. Yuouji should not have reacted as normally as she did to having Kanade getting the view. Was she embarrassed because she likes him? I don’t know, but that isn’t really the best reason to give us. You can’t just say that everything a girl does is because she likes the protagonist. I know what you are thinking.

“Why would Will be against anything that could result in shipping?” -Readers

Well, I just don’t want that to be the only reason. Do I like the pairing of Kanade and Yuouji? It is too early to tell if you ask me. I will say that, of the girls that have been introduced thus far, Yuouji may be my favorite. She is pretty hilarious and I am a fan of taking out thieves. Overall, I have hopes for this series. They aren’t high, but I do hope that we can get past the super ecchi stuff. This may be a personal wish because people may be enjoying this stuff, but I can’t keep sitting through this. Honestly speaking, I do think that it would be a better series with the change that I am suggesting, but I can’t imagine it happening.

That yaoi scene was pretty hilarious.

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