Impression – Coppelion, Episode 04


Episode 04 – “Sunset”

I think it’s pretty obvious to anyone still watching this series that CoppelionĀ definitely suffers from some pacing issues. It’s a shame because the material and setting is so interesting and yet the way it’s being adapted isn’t allowing it to show its full potential. I said in my very first impression post for the series that the quality of the series and its potential would be heavily reliant on how plot elements are handled by GoHands. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I feel that they’re doing the best job about it.


Don’t let me be misunderstood, I really like the characters and that might contribute to my disappointment with the series’s plot progression and pace thus far. I mean, I won’t complain about seeing Ibara shoot the hell out of a stealth bomber with a bazooka. But something I feel that the series is having trouble doing is that it can’t decide whether it wants to focus development more on the side characters or the main characters. Right now, we’re getting something in between and it’s sort inadequate for either side.

One way I think this problem could be rectified would be to show more of the side characters and their issues. This would allow the girls to react in ways corresponding to their own character and personality, and we would get a bit more insight on both. During the second episode, I felt GoHands was going in the right direction with this method, but shied away in the last couple of episodes.


It was nice to see that the head of the nuclear plant was willing to right his wrong, very reminiscent of the scientist inĀ Godzilla and stems from Japanese principles and morals. Still, it felt like a bit of a copout without the proper buildup of any real sort of conflict or purpose or necessity for his actions. They kind of just happened. Though, I like the ending when Aoi and Taeko reach out to Ibara, who they think has been pushing herself to shoulder all of the work.

Next week, it appears that we’re going back to school! Coppelion Academy, that is. So hopefully I’ll be getting that character development I’ve been waiting for.


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