Impression – Strike the Blood, Episode 04

Strike the Blood








This episode did a lot of things that left me scratching my head. A lot of that had to do with the ecchi stuff, but that was bound to come back eventually. I think that the really odd thing was the change in tone that we saw. Is it bad to jump between serious action and romantic drama? I hope not. This was a fun episode, but you should definitely not watch this one in public.

That doesn’t look bad at all.

Well, they didn’t waste much time bringing Kojou back to life. His body began to heal right away, but that isn’t really a copout. Extreme levels of regeneration are a part of being a vampire. You would normally expect the heroes to jump back into the fray now that the second wind has been caught, but that wasn’t the case here. Kojou decided to be fairly perverse with Himeragi after some depressing declarations which made the entire thing very awkward. Then, Kojou was forced into partaking in some of Himeragi’s blood. This was pretty important because it helped make those damn familiars obey Kojou. With that power up in play, Kojou and Himeragi were able to take on the bad guys again. The treasure ended up being in the building that Asagi was in at the time, so she was caught up in the mess. Nothing crazy happened to her, but it was a stressful situation. The treasure itself turned out to be the arm of a saint that was a part of the English church. It was used in order to keep the island intact and that is pretty bad. Kojou and Himeragi won, but that isn’t the important thing. Himeragi was not sent to be Kojou’s observer, but his lover. The Fourth Promigenitor needed blood. Oh yeah, and everyone thinks that the lovebirds are having sex.

I hope so because that would equate to entertainment.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I honestly enjoy what is happening for the most part. ¬†Could I do without the ecchi stuff? Yes, but vampires have been linked to sexuality for a very long time. Throw them into a shounen series and you should just be happy that they characters aren’t having actual sex. The romantic comedy stuff actually a strength of this series if you ask me. People continue to say that the relationship between Kojou and Himeragi is progressing too quickly, but I disagree. I think that the saving of her life and the stuff about her not being used to guys is reason enough to say that things are fine as they are. Also, vampires are known to have powers of seduction. Also, you can’t forget that Kojou is the protagonist of the story. You have to realize that protagonists have powers of seduction that dwarf that of your standard vampires. He is a mix of the two and that is a crazy combination.

Asagi is not happy about the sex.

I would like to see more from this little plot line that they gave us with Kojou’s friend. I guess that he is linked to the Lion King Organization in some way, shape, or form. The information regarding Himeragi’s purpose must not be easy to come by. The guy also appears to be doing something interesting in the opening and that makes me think that he is the classic secret agent. That stuff is pretty obvious, but he seems to have a very likable character. He could be the Tsuchimikado of our story. An actual story is welcome here. Having said all of that, I do think that the romantic comedy stuff is the most entertaining as of now. The ecchi stuff wasn’t too bad. That is a statement coming from a guy that just finished an article about a series that spent a good portion of the episode talking about touching butts. I found the stuff with the misunderstanding regarding possible sex to be hilarious. Honestly, I think that I would be much more angry than Asagi was if I thought that the person I liked was having sex with someone younger than me. Oh well, I just hope that the series continues to be entertaining.

Calm down bro.

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  1. This was a pretty enjoyable episode, pretty good fight and it was interesting learning why the priest was invading and all, though the scenes between Kojou and Himeragi were indeed pretty awkward.

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