Impression – Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita., Episode 04









I am starting to forget what this anime is actually about. With that in mind, I have decided that I will not pay attention to the pointless stuff as long as they continue to give us nice shipping moments for Raul and Phino. I don’t know what else there is to enjoy if you don’t like fan service in all honesty. Do you want to know how to work retail? I hope that the answer to that question was as obvious as it should be.

Phino is adorable around Raul.

The episode starts off with Phino getting a new job. Don’t freak out yet because the move is only temporary. They need her help over at the convenience store because a bunch of people called in sick. Sounds like my Saturday at work. Even though she refused at the first, Phino did decide to jump ship for the day. It was actually a pretty good experience for the young demon. She learned simple ways to greet customers and Lam even showed her how to use the appliances without overloading them with demon magic. It is nice to get help from various people when you need it as badly as Phino does. Meanwhile, Raul is in trouble. Nova said that Raul can touch her butt if he wants to and she continues to invade his personal space. It sure doesn’t help the situation when no one else is around. What will become of this sexual tension? Not much because Raul went to the convenience store for lunch and continued to be lumped together with Phino. Honestly, not much happened in this episode aside from the fact that Phino grew as an employee.

That is not something you can do at work.

Current Opinion of the Show:

This series is starting to confuse me in all honesty. I am not sure what the point is anymore. Are we getting a romantic comedy that gives us glimpses at retail work? Are we getting a harem with Raul at the center of a romantic battlefield? Are we getting a story about the struggles of a hero loving a demon so soon after the war ended? Are we getting a story about Raul not giving up on his dreams? Honestly, I don’t if we are even going to get a story at this point. It looks like we could just be getting a fan service series that is going to throw a predestined pairing in our faces without even properly developing the other romantic candidates. Do I dislike that? I think that it does hurt a series if you have to hold it to a standard, but I will say that I do enjoy what I am seeing. Why is that? Well, I am a hopeless shipper that has already latched onto the pairing that is being thrown at us. Do I want to see more from this series. I would, but I am already watching enough things with heavy stories to be satisfied with something that is easier to watch. Just stay away from tentacles for a while.

Is this foreshadowing?

Does a quality ship make a series good? I will say no to that because it is a double-edged sword. A series that focuses most of its time on a single ship will split the viewers. You will have those that support the ship and find the series to be entertaining because of it. I currently fall into that category. Then you have the people who do not care for the ship. They will find the series boring due to the lack of an actual plot to follow. Unfortunately, I have no idea what this series plans to do from this point on. Raul talked about people changing and it makes me think that we may get to see a story about personal growth, but I am also not sure whether or not I can take this series seriously. I mean, a good portion of the episode was dedicated to Raul being uncomfortable around Nova because she told him that he could touch her butt. The best part of that entire ordeal was the assistant manager stepping in to stop Raul from committing sexual harassment and putting a stop to violating the treaty between humans and demons. Well, for now at least.

That is definitely the face of a happy shipper.

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