Poll – Favorite Yandere Anime Character?


The first in our Halloween themed posts!

Somewhere along the line, this list went from yandere characters to just psychopathic killers. There’s a lot of semantics that goes into these character archetypes, and I really can’t be bothered to make sure they’re all exactly accurate. For yandere, that title kind of implies that the character has a dere side, which makes the character twice as frightening. That trait may or may not be seen in all of the characters below. Also, not all yandere are killers. Some of them are just really obsessive.

I definitely tried to give more leeway to male “yandere,” since they’re pretty rare by comparison. I mean, the entire cast of¬†Higurashi¬†could have easily filled the list. Looking back, the guys all kind of do have their dere sides. Accelerator has Last Order, Ladd has Lua, and Rolo has Lelouch. Though, Ladd wants to kill Lua so that’s kind of up in the air.

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