Impression – Kakumeiki Valvrave 2nd Season, Episode 04



I was worried about a Marie episode. It’s not like I hate her. I just thought that we would lose out on a lot of the tension that has been built up by throwing out too many flashbacks. Did we get the Marie episode? Yes we did. Did it hurt the tension? My current heart rate tells me that it may have aided in giving me a heart attack. I am sorry for doubting the writers after episode six of the first season.

That was a really nice effect for Marie losing her mind.

Well, Marie is very confused regarding what just went down. Getting shot and surviving is pretty strange if you ask me. L-elf is now very interested in everything that is going on with Marie. It seems like the operation can wait. Forget I said that. The operation is going horribly. The new enemies run through power very quickly with the new output, but they have a system that involves battery replacement. Yamada is down, Inuzuka just got his shields melted, Saki is stuck with A-drei, and the other students have been captured. Did I forget to mention that Haruto has been separated from Unit 01 due to a cave in? Well, both sides decided to collapse the cave system on the island. Well, no one cares about that. Marie lost her memories because she was a test pilot for Unit 01. Runes are actually memories and Marie was a bad pilot because the stress of combat ate away at her memories. Unfortunately, L-elf and the rest needed her to pilot Unit 01 again since Haruto was separated from it. She did so and the group was able to end up on the captured transport. It sure is too bad that Marie died in the process. Oh yeah, I guess the writers forgot to add this at the end, but Saki was kind of left behind.

What sort of ritual is this?

Current Opinion of the Show:

My brain can’t handle much more of this action. Things have reached new levels and this tension is tearing away at me. Having said that, I am going to start talking about stuff that I was not fond of in this episode. Marie’s past wasn’t bad, but it definitely wasn’t the mind-blowing thing that it was meant to be. Of course they would have test pilots and students at the academy would possibly be rejects that had to be kept around. The fact that memories are related to runes is what has me interested. I honestly don’t think that her death was truly necessary. People die in war, but there was a clear way around it. I know that it was the spur of the moment, but simply moving the rubble and giving Unit 01 back to Haruto would have worked out fairly well if you ask me. Was her display meant to show Haruto the potential of Unit 01? Even if it was, I don’t consider it to be anything special. I have seen Haruto do similar stuff. I guess that the most important thing that will come from this shall be the group’s reaction to the death.

A-drei just kissed Saki.

Speaking of things that the group will react to. Did anyone else notice that they left Saki behind? Is Saki’s body with the group? Is Akira’s body with the group? Do you need to be with your body to undo the mind jack? Where are Unit 02 and Unit 06? I feel like way too much was left up in the air at the end of this one. I would be an optimist in this situation and say that they can pick up the bodies and Valvraves later with the mind jacking done and everything. However, the preview for season two at the end of the first season showed us a scene that makes me think Saki is going to be held hostage. There is enough going on to give me a heart attack as it is. Do we really need to add female prisoners of war that are used to sexual assault and other forms of abuse to the equation? The writing is good, but it is really making me worry. I care about fictional characters more than I should if you didn’t notice. There was a scene from the preview of next week’s episode that makes me think we could get that information summit. It would be cool, but keeping Shouko out of the loop would suck. Oh well, I am going to cool down now.

That death was deceptively brutal.

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