Impression – Infinite Stratos 2, Episode 05

Infinite Stratos 2








I just want to put this out there. I don’t hate Ichika because he gets ladies and I don’t. I hate Ichika because his character is horribly written. He is weaker than all of the girls, he is an idiot that can’t realize that he is in the middle of a harem, and it seems like he only gets things because he is the only character with a penis. This is the introduction to an episode that reminds me of how much I hate Ichika if you couldn’t tell.

They should just kill him.

Ichika got kidnapped to start off the episode. Was it that evil organization going after him once again? No and it was pretty obvious that it was the girls at the school that did it. Well, he was taken to a game show. There was a competition to see how well the girls could serve him. Houki started out dressed as a fox priestess and she served him tea. Then, Cecilia was dressed as a bunny girl from a gentleman’s club and she taught him how to play pool. ¬†Charlotte was supposedly dressed as a poodle, but it was just lingerie. She was going to feed Ichika cookies mouth to mouth, but it ended up in her cleavage and she received a red card from lewd behavior. Laura was playing darts with Ichiki as a slightly different bunny girl. Good shots resulted in prizes and Ichika won Laura’s school swimsuit. Rin was supposed to do something Chinese in a cat girl costume, but Tatenashi stole it and started hitting on Ichika. Finally, Chifuyu gave him a parfait in a maid outfit. It turns out that it was Ichika’s birthday and they wanted to make it memorable. Ichika pissed them all off when he said that Chifuyu won, but that was at least the end of the bullshit. At the end, Ichika ran into M that is actually Madoka Orimura. At least we got something interesting in the last ten seconds.

She can’t even feel that.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I was pretty disappointed with this episode. I was all kinds of excited because we started to get something that resembled a plot. Unfortunately, this episode gave us the racism, sexism, and plot depth that I would expect from a poorly written pornographic film. They made sure that Houki’s outfit was almost falling off as she served Ichika tea. Let’s remember that this is a competition to see who could serve the man the best. Cecilia’s thing was meant for her to bend over in front of Ichika as much as possible and we got the countless ass shots to prove it. Each girls got an outfit and setting that was clearly meant to represent their nationality. I could barely watch this. If I liked two-dimensional girls, then I probably would have been a fan. The fan service was abundant and fans of everyone except for Rin would have been pretty happy. I am actually glad that they didn’t get to her because I don’t think that I would have been ready to see the racist setting that they would give her. I can’t handle more episodes like this one.

Well, she does look like Chifuyu.

At least we got a bit of story in here. M is actually called Madoka Orimura. Is she related to the Orimura siblings? Possibly because their parents left them at an early age. There could be more siblings out there for all we know. I do want to know why she has to kill Ichika in order to keep her identity or whatever. Can the world only handle two Orimuras? She pulled out a gun, but the Byakushiki should be able to protect Ichika. Having said that, he is probably going to be saved by someone else. I suspect that it could be the other Tatenashi because the president is going to introduce her sister to Ichika in the near future. Saving the protagonist will throw you into a harem pretty fast. Does Ichika need a bigger harem? No, but the girls are well-written when they aren’t catering to men in racist ways. Hopefully this story stuff will get the focus in the next episode. Ichika can talk to Chifuyu about this possible sibling and they can increase Ichika’s training in order to protect his dumb ass. I honestly don’t have high hopes for this series. The first season was alright at best and this one is starting to waste time.

Honestly, this is the best part of the episode.

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