Impression – Kakumeiki Valvrave 2nd Season, Episode 05









Well, they may have made it a bit confusing, but I do think that I was wrong once again. In my last impression, I stated that Marie was dead. There is a bit of a gray area here. Marie is not in a normal state right now. I think that she is supposedly comatose without a clear path to recovery. Will we see her making a grand appearance anytime soon? She is showing up in the dreams of a certain pilot.

She looks different.

Well, Marie’s condition was addressed right off the bat and some questioning has started. Pino is not the one to blame due to her innocence, but she did consume some of the runes while Marie was piloting Unit 01. It seems as though only modified JIOR students are capable of piloting the Valvraves, but they are slowly being consumed. This has Haruto freaked out, but it does make sense. Even L-elf is starting to lose precious resources because he is the target of Haruto’s vampiric assault. Unfortunately, there is no time to worry about this. Saki is still missing and the Royalists are looking to team up with the kids. They want to have them destroy a secret submarine that is under Magius control in exchange for supplies. Haruto and L-elf go after the submarine and it turns out that the vessel is full of humans. They are being used for Rune harvesting to aid in a body swapping ritual that the Magius are holding. H-Nuen caught wind of this, but it seems as though he died while trying to stop them from sacrificing X-Eins. That is right, there was a crazy Magius ritual going on and the most interesting Karlstein soldier might be dead along with a bunch of Magius guys. Oh well, the rescue mission was going on while all of this was happening. Akira and Yamato went after Saki and I hope that they save her soon.

H-Nuen really needed more screen time.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I love this series. It is as simple as that and I know that I am not the only one with this opinion. I would like to start by pointing out H-Nuen. He is a very interesting character. The guy refused to let the crazy stuff he saw slide and his little mission to infiltrate Cain’s place was cool. I kind of wish that it dragged on a bit farther. That, or I hope that he isn’t dead. It seems like he is, but you never know when it comes to anime. H-Nuen’s character and the role that he plays in the series are fairly important if you ask me. Well, there is something else going on in Dorssia that should get a fair amount of attention soon. The little girl who continues to drive L-elf may actually get a bit of the spotlight and I need to see that. I want to see the specifics of their relationship and the reason for his relentless drive to help her. I don’t think that simply saving his life that one time would do this to L-elf. I don’t need a romance, but I do need an explanation.

Otamaya and the unimportant engineers are right.

I am glad that they addressed this as early as they did. Saki being missing is pretty important. If you neglect the fact that she is a main character and very close to Haruto, then you can at least appreciate the fact that she is a pilot and L-elf needs his soldiers right now. I do want to know about the body thing. Do the kids have Saki’s body? If not, then will she change back while with A-Drei? When are they going to have something else horrible happen to this poor girl? We all know that it is coming. I want her to be rescued, but the most interesting thing here may be the rescue team itself. Akira and Yamada are an interesting pair to throw out there. Maybe I am just excited to see more Yamada. I think that he is an interesting character that deserves a greater focus in the series. That may be a tall order due to the sheer number of characters in the series, but it is one that I am making. I hope that the Yamada x Akira shippers can cool their jets for a second here. They have been assigned one mission together and I already saw fan art. The internet is a crazy place.

That is some creepy stuff.

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