Impression – Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Comedy wo Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru, Episode 05

Ore no







This series is obviously very popular with people. I am not saying that I am not one of those people, but I know that I would enjoy NouCome a lot more if I didn’t feel so embarrassed while watching it. I am not embarrassed to watch it. I don’t care if people know about the things that I watch. It is more like I am embarrassed for Kanade. It is a physical reaction that makes the series hard to watch at times. I commend the writing staff for forcing such an extreme reaction on a regular basis.

Yukihira is hilarious.

I think that “Yukihira is Getting Tired of this Harem Shit” is an appropriate title for this episode. Kanade has two very important things to accomplish. The first is making all of the girls in the competition say that they love/like him. It was only in this episode that he realized “like” is good enough. Kanade doesn’t need a confession of love and that is helping him greatly. He already got one like, but Yukihira is going to be far too bashful for this. Oh well, at least the other task is simpler. The Reject Five must find another member to participate and the prime candidate has been selected. There is a first-year girl who has a little sister complex. She doesn’t like little sisters, but she likes acting like one with everyone around her. This is most prominent around Kanade because they are childhood friends. She has been selected, but the affection she shows towards Kanade is not welcome. I say that because Yukihira is pissed. After the battle meeting between the two sides, Kanade ends up in an obvious harem situation that Yukihira walks out on. How will she end up saying that she likes/loves Kanade?

None of the guys are going for the money shot right now?

Current Opinion of the Show:

I really like the direction that we are taking. I know that we just got a lot of new suitors thrown out there, but you should not let yourself be overwhelmed. The harem aspect of the series is an interesting one and I think that the series is really starting to hit its stride in the romance department. I am really curious to see how the various girls are going to handle Kanade from now on. Yukihira has an inability to be honest with herself and she obviously doesn’t like the fact that her interactions with Kanade are as strange as they are. I used to think that losing the crazy behavior would make certain girls like Kanade less, but that pretty much made me change my mind. Once the curse is gone, which may or may not be endgame, I can see Yukihira having a legitimate shot at winning the harem race. I am not sure if I want her to win or not, but I don’t think that I hate the idea as of now. It seems like they may be pushing her ending a bit by giving her this serious romantic role.

People need to wear clothes.

I m pretty curious regarding the methods that Kanade will use in order to make the other girls say that they like/love him. I assume that he has one easy one left and then things will get tricky. There are some fairly refined girls left on the list and the ojou-sama character seems like she could be quite the challenge. I don’t know how long they plan to spends on this arc, but I hope it isn’t more than two more episodes. I don’t dislike the arc, but I am concerned about the pacing. If Kanade only has like five missions, then things will be fine. However, things could get tricky towards the end of the season if we don’t get a small sense of closure. I am just worried because I have been watching quite a few series with odd pacing and I know that this series is not going to run for very long this season. Oh well, most people will say that they are fine with things because they want more of this romantic comedy. I am just looking at the series as a series and critiquing stuff.

Her tone of voice was frightening.

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