Impression – Strike the Blood, Episode 07

Strike the Blood







I thought that this series was going to be a one-sided love triangle.Well, it appears as though I was wrong once again. I am still convinced that Himeragi will be running away with this one, but I must acknowledge the fact that there will more people going after Kojou. We have a new girl to add to the mix as the Lion King Organization is clearly trying to win over Kojou through seduction at this point. That may not be true, but I do like Sayaka as a character.

That is quite the statement.

Well, things literally picked up where we left off in the previous episode. Kojou is still losing control and Asagi is confused by the situation. The force of the shock is taking out all of the technology in the area and even Yaze is hit hard by it. He controls sound and that means he was very sensitive to the electrical disruption in the area with those big headphones on. Asagi was knocked out by the shockwaves that were emanating from Kojou and things would have been worse had it not been for Himeragi. She stopped Kojou’s rampage and took care of Asagi. Unfortunately, things would not stay calm as the terrorists took Himeragi, Asagi, and Yukina hostage. They need Asagi’s skills in order to unleash the power of that crazy weapon. Kojou and Sayaka go after them as the obvious romance between the two continues to grow.It turns out that Valter was helping the terrorists because he wanted a challenge. Now Kojou has to deal with this mess. At least he has a super hacker and two members on the Lion King Organization on his side.

Even vampires fear spiders.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I both like and dislike the way that things are going right now. Let’s talk about the things that I like first. I am excited to see Kojou fighting again. Familiars are great, but I need to see more from them. There is potential when it comes to the action side of the series and even bursts of material would be nice. Then we have Sayaka. Girls don’t have to like the protagonist in order to be quality characters, but I think that the dynamic really helps her character. The tsundere qualities that Sayaka has make her more interesting. Simply being a disapproving friend makes her odd if you ask me. We haven’t seen enough from her to say whether or not either role is good or bad, but I prefer tsundere thus far. I guess that I also like seeing the cattiness from Asagi. Honestly, this is something that we need to see more of in romantic comedies. I think that girls are far too passive towards each other in harem anime. If you are going after someone, then give your rivals a hard time. They are your rivals dammit.

What is the big deal with this carrying position?

My only problem with the series at this point is highly speculative and may even be something that I end up enjoying further down the road. The preview seems to insinuate a situation in which Kojou must feed on the blood of various women in order to gain control of his familiars. Himeragi provided control of the lion and I am betting that Sayaka will be the next target. This makes sense because the familiars don’t listen to a virgin vampire, but it could mess with the pacing of the series. In theory, Kojou would have to find ten blood partners in order to gain control of all of his familiars. We see three candidates as of now, but that isn’t a lot and we only have one for sure. This could mean that things will take a ridiculous amount of time to develop. Would I like a big harem? Possibly, but I don’t need one if Himeragi is going to hold such a substantial lead in the harem race. Am I willing to watch multiple seasons of this series? Only if the writing holds up. I always fear that a series is biting off more than it can chew when it sets up for an arduous journey. Oh well, we will see what happens.

Valter is an odd guy.

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  1. This was a pretty enjoyable episode, things are getting serious now and Sayaka’s been added into the mix. While Sayaka really irritated me in the previous episode, I’ve warmed up to her a bit more from this episode on, probably because I tend to gravitate towards tsunderes. The thought of getting 10 or so more harem members definitely perplexes me though and there’s obviously not gonna be time to fit something like that in, so I’m curious what the series will do about that and whether or not this will end up being something to worry about in the first place.

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