Impression – Infinite Stratos 2, Episode 07

Infinite Stratos 2







I don’t want to sound like an officially Tumblr representative, but I feel like there is a major sexism issue with this episode. Most harems boast some sort of sexist crap, but that may pale in comparison to what I saw today with one simple line.

“A hero will always watch over me and be there to save me.” – Kanzashi Sarashiki

They are obviously trying to make Ichika appeal to this girl by saving her even though the girls in this series are stringer than him. Oh well, this just adds to the many problems in this series.

I wanted to like her character.

We finally got a chance to meet the other addition to the harem. Kanzashi is Tatenashi’s little sister and the representative candidate of Japan. That makes her quite the skilled pilot even though her IS has yet to be completed. Oh well, a long night of failed engineering can always be solved with some nice anime. On the other side of things, Ichika and Houki were invited for an interview and photo shoot with a magazine. Apparently, personal IS pilots are basically celebrities in this world. It makes sense because IS Units are a very big deal and all that. Houki was against it until she and Ichika were offered a free three-star dinner in exchange for their cooperation. The interview and intimate photo shoot was great fan service for fans of the Ichika x Houki ship. They had an intimate time together that ended with a sweet piggy back ride. One would think that this would lead to Ichika picking Houki as a partner when it comes to the personal IS tag battles. However, Ichika is doing Tatenashi a favor by partnering up with Kanzashi. Or that would be the case if she didn’t hate Ichika. Her IS Unit did not get produced because the company decided to finish the Byakushiki first. That must sting.

Those faces are not very intense.

Current Opinion of the Show:

I liked certain things about this episode. Let’s start with the tag battle thing. I would love to see some fights even though I am sure that they will simply lead to Ichika saving Kanzashi, thus expanding the current harem roster. On that note, competition amongst the girls is actually a nice thing. How does a harem work if the girls aren’t actively going after the guy? It doesn’t unless the rest of the writing is solid enough to keep viewers interested. I can’t say that this series boasts that and it is kind of sad. I like Kanzashi for the most part. I will always like a person that likes anime. As long as they aren’t the kind of person that only likes Shounen Jump series, then I will think that we have a bit in common. I enjoy Shounen Jump series, but that publication is not the holy grail of entertainment.

Everyone else loves you, Laura.

Honestly, I have been far too positive about this series. Sure, I think that this season is better than the first one, but the gap is starting to shrink if you ask me and I don’t think that this is a great series. People talk about Infinite Stratos like it is a cut above the rest of the harem series out there. Sure, it has its bright spots. Laura is adorable, but I don’t think that those things outweigh the issues. The writing is very shallow and an actual story is hard to find. You can make up for that by giving us a good romantic comedy, but I feel like that aspect of the series is far too scattered. Everyone is kind of just there. Houki is supposedly a front-runner, but that is only because she gets alone time with Ichika from time to time. It doesn’t seem like there is any sort of progress being made with any of the girls. The steps that Houki took towards a relationship in the first season have been destroyed at this point. If the series isn’t giving us a good romantic comedy and there isn’t a good story to speak of, then what does it have? Characters that people like? I guess, but I will always say that I hate a series with good female characters and a shitty male lead in a harem. It kind of ruins it for me and I sit here pissed off all of the time. I would love Kanzashi if it wasn’t for the fact that Ichika is going to be the man who saves her.Sexism aside, Vaughn has always said that I go after angry or gloomy girls. That honestly sounds horrible, but I won’t say that I don’t like Kanzashi as a character. I am still not into the 2D stuff.

M is on drugs.

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