News – ‘Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin’ Novel to Get Anime by A-1 Pictures in April 2014

Hey, we used to do news article on this site. Let’s try to bring that back shall we? For those of you already looking forward to anime seasons to come, and Winter 2014 isn’t enough for you, have a look at this new Noitamina series to be animated by A-1 Pictures.

The story features the titular Nanana, a ghost of a NEET girl and her lost treasure. The protagonist is a boy named Juugo who is pretty much banished by his father to go to school on an artificial island, where he discovers Nanana haunting his apartment. He, along with members of his school’s adventure club, team up on an expedition for the great Nanana collection. Why do I get the feeling that her treasure is a bunch of otaku goods…

Aside from the stacking chairs, which I can’t decide if it’s a CG version of the Monogatari series or from Persona 5, I’m pretty interested in this one.


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