News – ‘Durarara!!’ to Get New Anime Series

Ever since I went to Fanime last year, a new love for Durarara!! had been rekindled deep within my soul. It made me remember everything amazing about the series and why I consider it to be my favorite series of all time. All of those emotions have culminated into this one announcement. Durarara!! is getting a new series.

The new series is set to take place six months after the first series, and the original staff is returning to work on the new project. However, it’s not yet sure whether Brains Base will helm the animation and what the story will focus on this time.

We can take solace in one fact, though. Durarara!! has not been forgotten. With the light novels continuing and the PS Vita game releasing in Japan this summer, it’s safe to say that this series will have some serious staying power.



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