Impression – Witch Craft Works, Episode 09

witchcraftworks_09 (2)

Episode 09 – “Takamiya-kun and the Witch of the End”

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I would actually prefer if Witch Craft Works had less of a plot. Episode 9 throws a lot more plot into our faces and while I don’t disagree with what my past self said, I don’t think what the series is doing with its story is necessarily that bad especially since it has the cushion of being a comedy first and something serious second. Too many other series attempt to do both at the same time and fall apart because of it (or at least aren’t as interesting). When I watch series like that, I tend to latch onto the comedy aspect because the plot feels too contrived to even begin to take seriously.


Luckily, Witch Craft Works did a fantastic job of establishing itself as a wacky, off-the-wall comedy that its now ridiculous story can be forgiven. I actually quite like what it’s trying to do and it’s incredibly unpredictable. I just wish there was more time to develop all the ideas in a way that flows well enough for a satisfying conclusion to be reached. Unfortunately, the series doesn’t seem to be very popular at all and will likely not receive a second season. It’s a damn shame too because all of the characters way more screen time. There are seriously no uninteresting characters in Witch Craft Works.

Oh, how about I talk about the episode for once? Well, Honoka and Ayaka finally have a nice beach resort getaway together…oh wait, that was just a dream induced by the odd bed story from Kanna. Once Honoka wakes up though, he asks Ayaka for some offensive magic training and he proves that he’s totally not useless in battle. I mean, he’s able to conjure up a giant nurse Ayaka. That has to mean something good, right?


And then we’re introduced to yet another villian Weekend, the Witch of the End, who turns out to be quite a nasty customer. And by that, she’s a pretty smart villain. We learn that Ayaka’s mother actually protects the entire city with her own magic, which explains why everything goes back to normal and no one dies no matter how badly witches mess the place up. However, Weekend uses this to her advantage by simultaneously detonating a series of bombs that levels the entire city and killing everyone, forcing Kazane to use up a substantial amount of magic. With her out of commission, Weekend is free to go after her true target: Honoka.

“Right now, the entire city is your hostage.” ~ Kazane Kagari


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