Impression – Akame ga Kill!, Episode 06


Episode 06 – “Kill the Absolute Justice”

First off, I should apologize about how these posts have been one week late. It’s confusing, and I hope to catch up and get back on track with this series! Secondly, this is the episode I’ve been waiting for (and everyone else who has read the manga, I’m sure). So far, we’ve seen a bunch of blood drawn from the enemies and civilians. But from now on, the gloves are off as Night Raid experiences tragedy.


As we’ve established before, every member of Night Raid is prepared to die at any time, but to think that time would come so soon for them. To avenge her fallen mentor, Ogre, Seryuu unleashes hell upon Mine and Sheele using her biological Teigu, Coro. The demon dog has the ability to change size and regenerate its body as long as its core is not destroyed. This makes it difficult for Mine’s Pumpkin or Sheele’s Ecstase to do any permanent damage.

Luckily, Seryuu is a little less invincible, and Sheele is able to handily remove her hands. Unfortunately, it turns out that Seryuu has gone to great lengths to outfit her body to fight evil in the name of justive, having gone as far as installing guns in her arms and mouth. Catching her off guard, Seryuu is able to shoot Sheele, leaving Coro to eat her.


I had no idea how I was going to handle this episode, but the anime has built up Sheele’s character in such a short amount of time that her death hurts all that much more. The little flashback scenes they showed were a nice, painful touch. I almost lost it at the flashback of her Teigu congratulations party. Even though the screen time she had was relatively short, I think we can get a good sense of what her character was just from those short scenes. She was a girl who wasn’t very good at anything she did and had no other place where she belonged, besides Night Raid. That’s what makes you cheer for her, and that’s what makes you cry when she dies.

“In the name of absolute justice, I shall make evil pay, here and now!” ~ Seryuu Ubiquitous


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