Impression – Akame ga Kill!, Episode 07


Episode 07 – “Kill the Three -Part One-“

This week, we welcome the return of the most feared Teigu user in the world, Esdeath. Now here’s a name translation that I can hop on board with. The unofficial manga translations had her name as Esdese, but Esdeath is a lot more descriptive of her personality. She’s an extreme sadist, loves to torture, and is an all around bad person. She also happens to be one of my favorite characters from the series and reminds me a lot of Bismarck from KanColle. While Esdeath is a vicious soldier, she has high respect for her subordinates and even considers bringing them some souvenir snacks. She even has a soft side, as seen when she admits that she wants to fall in love. Hmm…I wonder how that will become relevant to the plot.


In the wake of Sheele’s death, Tatsumi admires Akame’s ability to be unphased by it. Thankfully, Akame admits that this is far from the truth. She, just like anyone would, feels pain. Even though every member of Night Raid is prepared to die in battle, that doesn’t make the event of death any less significant to them. The pain of losing a friend is something no one should ever have to get used to. The scene depicts a different, pleasantly human side of Akame that we hadn’t seen prior to now.

Night Raid’s next targets are a team of three Teigu users made up of Daidara the axeman, some flute-playing asshole whose name I’m not even gonna bother looking up, and a gentleman by the name of Liver. While I hate to bring up name translations every single episode, this is the one that bothers me the most. The unofficial translation of his name was River, which sounds way cooler than Liver and will make much more sense in the coming episodes.


On the fancy boat, we get to see some Bulat action as he chops some fools in half, namely Daidara, but it turns out that Bulat has some prior relation with Liver. Could they have once fought together on the side of Empire? I think that’s a pretty strong yes. Find out how the showdown goes down in the next episode!

“This pain…is something no one can get used to.” ~ Akame


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